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Maintainer: Dragonaire
Stable release: 1.0.5
Development release: 1.1.x
OS: Platform independent, PHP 5.2 required
License: LGPL
Website: https://github.com/Dragonrun1/yapeal


Yet-Another-PHP-Eve-Api-Library, pronounced Ya-Peel was developed to get data from the EVE APIs as a part of another EVE project that needed this functionality. It has been separated into its own project in hopes that others might find it useful. It has been released under the GNU LPGL 3.0 license (Copyleft) so it's available for everyone to use and abuse.

More detailed explanation

Here's an extended explanation of what Yapeal does since it is a little different from the other PHP API libraries being commonly used.

It not only grabs the data from the API for you but also saves the data into a MySQL database as well. It was made to be run from a crontab job and will work in the background to 'Auto-magically' as I call it, keep the database updated. All you have to do is work with the database tables, not the API and XML. It was made to be "set and forget" once configured.

Some features:

  • Auto download of API data
  • Automatic updating of database tables
  • Normally cURL for API download to be hosted site friendly
  • Uses ADOdb (included) for database updating Moving to PDO instead.
  • Made to be run from crontab (preferred setup)
  • Can be run from command-line for debugging or special needs
  • Uses the database to keep track of API cachedUntil times so it is API friendly even when being run from crontab
  • Does optional local caching of API's XML file
  • Works with multiple corporations and multiple characters by just adding their information to database tables

Many other features but those are the main ones for now.

Project home

The project is available on GitHub at:


Make sure you read the README.md

Input is welcome and can be done on the thread below or by contacting Dragonaire in-game.

EVE forums thread here:


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