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Garthagk with white contact lenses
Age: n/a
Nationality: American


Just this guy. Used to be found in #eve-dev on the Coldfront IRC network, but now can be found there under a different name.


Frequently Asked Questions

I want feature X!

Please add it to API_Wanted_Features and feel free to comment in this thread on the forums. If you ask me about it on IRC I can promise you it won't make it onto my list.

I also read the EVE Technology Lab on the forums quite religiously. I'll see most conversations there and am likely to comment on things that are getting good discussion. (But it's still best to make sure that requests end up on the wiki to ensure they're somewhere!)

When will Y be done?

Hang out on IRC and you just might find out. Please try to keep in mind that the API is not my only project here at CCP. While I do try to invest a good part of my time into it, it's not always something I'm actively working on.

Why is cachedUntil always an hour exactly? Does it work?

To prevent stampeding (accidental DDoS of the servers). By letting the cachedUntil timer float and be inexact, I can (almost) guarantee that the clients will space out their requests over a reasonable period of time. (Assuming, of course, that they obey it.)

The problem is apparent if you imagine for a second some of our feeds that update every hour. For example, the alliance list. Let's imagine now that someone wrote a very popular application that was all the rage - a desktop influence map, automatically generated every hour from CCP's live feeds! (This would be a pretty neat tool and I would certainly encourage someone to make it.)

But picture what happens with cachedUntil being "accurate". Everybody who polls the feed is going to be told that it expires next at 17:05. Now picture what happens when these 20,000 computers realize that the time is 17:05... The thought of 20,000 desktops all polling us at the same time every hour, really fills my cold black heart with rage. To prevent this, I made the decision that all cachedUntil timers would be set to the cache period and not the actual cache timeout.

In the end, just remember this simple rule: Clients must obey the cachedUntil timer, whatever it says. Thanks.

Testing Area

This is Garthagk's testing box. He's playing around with wiki documenting the API.

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