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Proposed Content Restructuring

I've been thinking and what with the extensive nature of the API these days think it would be best to arrange the content into three distinct categories:

  • API resources
  • Game mechanics
  • Projects

The homepage would have the three column layout, as before- with News, API Resources and Game Mechanics being the three categories, with a wiki 'general links' section at the top and projects under the main content along with perhaps a current 'featured page'.

Categories could then be restructured as such:

  • API Resources
    • Libraries
    • Language Examples
    • Methods
  • Static Database Resources
    • Example Queries
    • Tables
    • Relationships
  • Game Mechanics
    • Calculations
  • Projects
    • Killboards
    • Desktop Applications
    • Websites

Each major category would have it's own icon and template to head pages up with- for example, {{api_resource}} would automatically tag the page as a API Resource category member and display links to other relevant pages.

Comments would be appreciated- I have some spare time over the weekend during which I'd be quite happy to go through this and actually put it into motion if nobody has any objections. --Ix Forres 17:12, 6 December 2007 (CST)

Linking at mainpage

I think the main page should only link to subpages of this wiki! (Ok some extremly special exceptions..) And it should only linking to existing pages! Byt he way: applications are applications and not weblinks and weblinks are only for those exceptions. Thats the reason for the List_of_tools page. But its not up to me to change this.

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