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Type 4 - Hangar => Corp Security Access Group 1?

Maybe I'm thinking nonsense, or repeating what everyone but me already knows, but if the CSAGs represent the hangar divisions, then there is one missing. OTOH, I constantly see stuff inside a flag 4 location, which should be in one of the hangar divisions. So, maybe someone can confirm my thinking - at first there were no hangar divisions, then CCP added them later and kept the (now) old flag 4? Or is it because flag 4 is also used for personal, non-corp hangar?

Either way, if flag 4 is CSAG1, maybe it should be noted somewhere. I hope (for sake of my sanity) that I'm not the only one staring at the XML wondering what that flag 4 is...

  • Flag 4 is an all-purpose flag for... your private hangar, your corporations first hangar, your ships cargohold and probably a number of other uses I forgot right now, always depending on the context. It is definitly not just CSAG1. --Ana
Ah, that explains a lot. Thanks.--Cyberman 19:53, 21 July 2008 (UTC) (this time I didn't forget to sign ;-)

Office Slot

Am I right to assume that these are no more than the numbering of rentable office slots in a station? It provides no further information, with regard to assets?

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