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Este es el año del consumismo según expertos. Consumismo carro, consumismo sueldo, consumismo techo, consumismo trabajo papaaaa Can we get a dunk contest obit? Ver fotos con Danier er de martha es divertido jijiij im proud of my hair tonight ... great defense, intense but not chippy,game's in OT... that's joyless? When God puts that special someone in your life, you better not let that person go. b/c of what u say & do.. if social media turned into a Slasher Film, there are like 20 people on my TL that would live. the rest are stereotypes

Breaking news: Blago's hair will be "as gray as talk-show host Jay Leno's" within 3 mos thanks for the message. Oh, , feeling your pain! hairpinturns (at Crazy Cab So I've played the top 5 games of the year now, Deus Ex, Batman AC, Skyrim, Portal 2, and Modern Warfare 3, which is YOUR favorite? :) Glaucoma y la This is the greatest thing I've contact single people ever seen. Long live ! All new tonight at 8!

Şükür tatil oldu artık vakti de gelmişti... All you guys who are new to 1DUpAllNight. What's your favourite track? (And I wouldn't be surprised if people knew exactly who I'm talking about. It's annoying, you're not cute, so stop.) tutupin pake sarung chil ... haha ciee :) Ahihi, jadi malu u,u cieee ciee bochil haha :D Eh, our love but what about ya babydaddy Follow back? How Far Along is Big Bang From Entering the Mainstream Media? The bouncers in club m are right wankers I was stood there just after getting a drink and they chucked me oyt twats

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