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CCP DB Table Categories



List of solar systems.
Column Links to Used Note
regionID mapRegions.regionID * ID of region.
constellationID mapConstellations.constellationID * ID of constellation.
solarSystemID * Unique ID of solar system. Should be primary key.
solarSystemName * Name of solar system. Also see eveNames table linked on eveNames.itemID=mapSolarSystems.solarSystemID.
x * Absolute coordinate X of solar system's center.
y * Absolute coordinate Y of solar system's center.
z * Absolute coordinate Z of solar system's center.
xMin * Minimal value of X coordinate.
xMax * Maximal value of X coordinate.
yMin * Minimal value of Y coordinate.
yMax * Maximal value of Y coordinate.
zMin * Minimal value of Z coordinate.
zMax * Maximal value of Z coordinate.
luminosity * Star luminousity. Also see mapCelestialStatistics table.
border 1 if solar system is on border.
fringe 1 if solar system is in fringe, i.e. have only one link.
corridor 1 if solar system is corridor, i.e have 2 links.
hub 1 if solar system is hub, i.e. have 3 or more links.
international 1 if solar system have stations of different factions. (note: there are a number of systems that are marked as international but only have 1 or no stations at all)
regional 1 if solar system have interregional link.
constellation 1 if solar system have interconstellational link.
security * Security level of system.
factionID chrFactions.factionID * ID of controlling faction. Note: Only set if the systems faction differs from the rest of the constellation.
radius * Radius of solar system.
sunTypeID invTypes.typeID * typeID of star in center of solar system.
securityClass * Security class of system. Used to determine available minerals, see mapSolarSystemMinerals and mapSolarSystemOreBySecurityClass tables (not included in dump).
allianceID Sovereign alliance. Not used in static dump.
sovereigntyLevel Level of sovereignity. Not used in static dump.
sovereigntyDateTime Date of sovereignity start. Not used in static dump.


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