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CCP DB Table Categories



List of constellations.
Column Links to Used Note
regionID mapRegions.regionID * ID of region.
constellationID * Unique ID of constellation. Should be primary key.
constellationName * Name of constellation. Also see eveNames table linked on eveNames.itemID=mapConstellations.constellationID.
x * Absolute coordinate X of constellations's center.
y * Absolute coordinate Y of constellations's center.
z * Absolute coordinate Z of constellations's center.
xMin * Minimal value of X coordinate.
xMax * Maximal value of X coordinate.
yMin * Minimal value of Y coordinate.
yMax * Maximal value of Y coordinate.
zMin * Minimal value of Z coordinate.
zMax * Maximal value of Z coordinate.
factionID chrFactions.factionID * ID of controlling faction. Note: Only set if the constellations faction differs from the rest of the region.
radius * Radius of constellation.


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