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Jita is the main trade hub in EVE, and is visited by thousands a day.
Region: The Forge
Constellation: Kimotoro
Security: 0.95
Stargates: 7

Jita has become the main trading hub in EVE-Online.

A long time ago, CCP removed certain jumpline-highways from empire to prevent trading hubs which resulted in the accumulation of players in the Caldari and Gallente space and the establishing of Jita as new universal hub.

In peak times the system handles almost 1.000 players, because of that everyone tries to avoid jumping through Jita when traveling through the universe.

Jita is also home to a monument commemorating the winners of the Ruevo Aram Riddle competition. The memorial can be seen from the busiest station in Jita - the Caldari Navy station in orbit around Planet 4 Moon 4

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