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JEve Project
Maintainer: Sven Meys
Stable release: JEve Core 1.0
Development release: Jeve Application(not released yet)
OS: Platform Independent
License: Open-Source/Common-Use


Project Description

JEve Project currently consists of 2 frameworks which allow easy access to the EVE Api data.


JEve Core 1.0

    • Easy-to-use interface to the Eve API real-time data retrieval mechanism
    • Support for all published API accessors
    • Comprehensive documentation

In Development

JEve Application

    • Uses JEve Core for retrieving the data from the web
    • Converts the data into simple java beans
    • Can cache the data on the hard drive

External Links

Others Java Eve-online APIs

  • Another Java Eve-online API is available at It is one step further than JEve and supports more methods.
  • A modified version of the JEve Core supporting caching and additional APIs can be found on the EveXplorer site, alongside with an upper-level API supporting both the Eve-Online API and the data dump.
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