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CCP DB Table Categories



This table contains all ingame items. It's source of all queries related to Ships, Modules, Skills, etc. It doesn't contain actual space objects data, only types of objects (i.e. Large Gas Planet I).
Column Links to Used Note
typeID * Unique ID of item in game. Should be primary key.
groupID invGroups.groupID * Group this item belongs to. It's not Market group. Also Groups belong to Categories.
typeName * Name of item, i.e. Rogue Medium Commander Wreck.
description * Description as seen in Info window in game.
graphicID eveGraphics.graphicID * Link to graphic used in game for this item.
radius * Radius of item, if applicable.
mass * Mass of item, if applicable.
volume * Volume of item, if applicable.
capacity * Holding capacity of item, if applicable.
portionSize * Portion size of item, if applicable. Portion size is size of group for reprocessing purposes, for example. It also represents the number of units produced by a production run of the item.
raceID * Which race(s) this item belongs to. Races are bitmask, by the way.
basePrice * Base price of item. This has no relation to the actual market price.
published * -1 if the item is published in the game market (including in Contracts), otherwise 0.
marketGroupID invMarketGroups.marketGroupID * Market group of item. If NULL, the item cannot be sold on the market. It could be sold through Contracts however.
chanceOfDuplicating Chance of duplicating item. Duplication process is not implemented.


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