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CCP DB Table Categories



Contains all static items, i.e. items that aren't (much) affected by player activity:
  • abstract system objects
  • NPCs, NPC corps, factions
  • regions, constellations, solar systems
  • suns, planets, moons, asteroid belts, wormhole effects
  • stargates, stations, station services ("Factories at Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant")
Column Links to Used Note
itemID * Unique ID of item. Should be primary key.
typeID invTypes.typeID * Item type.
ownerID invItems.itemID * Item's owner. This is an item of category 0 (#System) or 1 (Owner), the latter of which includes characters, corps, etc. For most celestials this is itemID 0 (EVE System). Corps are owned by their CEOs and stations by their corp (except conquerable stations which are owned by random NPC corps).
locationID invItems.itemID * Location of the item. This may be anything that can contain things, but for static items is usually a solar system or station.
flagID invFlags. * See APIv2 Inventory Flags for details, but this is 0 for all static items.
quantity * Quantity of the object. Not particularly meaningful for static objects, which are mostly unique.


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