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CCP DB Table Categories



This table contain groups for items. Groups belong to Categories. Also here listed parameters common to all items in group.
Column Links to Used Note
groupID * Unique ID of group. Should be primary key.
categoryID invCategories.categoryID * Category this group belongs to.
groupName * Name of group.
description * Description of group.
iconID eveIcons.iconID * Icons used for group, if applicable.
useBasePrice * Should game use base price for items in this group.
allowManufacture * Items in this group can be manufactured.
allowRecycler * Items in this group can be recycled.
anchored * Items in this group are anchored.
anchorable * Items in this group can be anchored.
fittableNonSingleton * Items in this group can be fit in quantities (i.e. Smartbombs).
published * 1 if group is in game.


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