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CCP DB Table Categories



Information about blueprints. Units/run can be retrieved from the invTypes table.
Column Links to Used Note
blueprintTypeID invTypes.typeID * typeID of this blueprint.
parentBlueprintTypeID invTypes.typeID * typeID of parent (i.e. tech-I for tech-II blueprints) blueprint. <-- This seems inaccurate. The few that aren't set to null seem to have invalid data.
productTypeID invTypes.typeID * typeID of produced item.
productionTime * Base production time.
techLevel * Tech level of blueprint.
researchProductivityTime * Base time of Productivity Research.
researchMaterialTime * Base time of Material Research.
researchCopyTime * Base time of Blueprint Copying. Note that this is the amount of time taken to copy a number of runs equal to half the maxProductionLimit, whether as multiple runs on one copy or as one run each on multiple copies.
researchTechTime Base time of Tech Research. Not implemented - Seems to be Invention Base Time as well.
productivityModifier * Used in the equation of manufacturing time (time + (1 - PE) * modifier).
materialModifier Base mineral modifier??
wasteFactor * Waste factor for materials.
maxProductionLimit * Limit of production runs on single blueprint. Also maximum runs for Blueprint Copy of this item.


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