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Function list

Always available functions

Function Arguments Description Example
CCPEVE.openEveMail none Opens the EVE mail window. Same behaviour as when a user clicks the EVE mail icon on the left bar.
CCPEVE.openEveMail(); // Show mail window 
CCPEVE.showInfo integer typeID [, integer itemID] Opens the info window for the specified type. The first argument must be a typeID that is listed in the invTypes table of the static data dump.

The second parameter is used to specifiy a single entity of the given type. It can be a

  • corporationID
  • allianceID
  • factionID
  • characterID (including NPC characters like agents)
  • a celestial ID like regionID or solarSystemID
CCPEVE.showInfo(2, 109299958); // Corporation
CCPEVE.showInfo(16159, 434243723); // Alliance
CCPEVE.showInfo(30, 500002); // Faction
CCPEVE.showInfo(1377, 3008416); // Character, agent
CCPEVE.showInfo(1377, 1736529287); // Character, player
CCPEVE.showInfo(3, 10000001); // Region
CCPEVE.showInfo(4, 20000002); // Constellation
CCPEVE.showInfo(5, 30000001); // Solar system
CCPEVE.showInfo(6); // Sun type
CCPEVE.showInfo(13); // Planet type
CCPEVE.showInfo(32444); // Inventory item
CCPEVE.showRouteTo integer destination [ , integer origin] Shows the route to the given destination on the map from current position or (if given) from origin. Both destination and origin must be solarSystemIDs

Bug: Often the map does not load.

CCPEVE.showRouteTo(30000001); // Route to Tanoo
CCPEVE.showRouteTo(30000001, 30003276); // Route from FD-MLJ to Tanoo
CCPEVE.showMap [integer solarSystemID] Opens the map view. If a solarSystemID is given, the map is centered on this system.

Bug: Often the map does not load.

CCPEVE.showMap(); // Open the map
CCPEVE.showMap(30000001); // Center map on Tanoo
CCPEVE.showPreview integer typeID Show the preview window of the given type. Only inventory types that can be deployed in space, thus have a model, can be used.
CCPEVE.showPreview(597); // Ship
CCPEVE.showPreview(2486); // Drone
CCPEVE.showFitting string shipDNA Show the fitting window for the given ship and it's components. See section about Ship DNA for information about its structure.

Important: The fitting is not validated, you can pass a fitting were a rookie ship has a dooms day device.

 // Punisher with a Salvager
 // Punisher with a Capital Shield Transporter I
CCPEVE.showContract integer stationID, integer contractID Show the info window about the given contract. First parameter must be the stationID of the station were the contract was issued.

The contractID can currently only be found in the WalletJournal of a character or corporation.

CCPEVE.showContract(60012607, 10);
CCPEVE.showMarketDetails integer typeID Open the market window (if not already open) and show the list of buy and sell orders for the given item
CCPEVE.showMarketDetails(20); // Show market orders of kernite
CCPEVE.requestTrust string url Open the request trust dialog, to confirm trust for the given URL. Has no effect if this URL is already trusted, or ignored.

See the section about trust below for details.

CCPEVE.requestTrust('http://wiki.eve-id.net'); // Request trust for this wiki

Functions that require trust

See the section about trust below for details.

Function Arguments Description Example
CCPEVE.setDestination integer solarSystemID Set the autopilots destination to the given solarSystem
CCPEVE.setDestination(30000001); // Set destination to Tanoo
CCPEVE.addWaypoint integer solarSystemID Add a waypoint to the autopilots route
CCPEVE.addWaypoint(30000001); // Add Tanoo to the current route
CCPEVE.joinChannel string channelName Join the given channel, asks if the channel should be created if it does not exist.

Not case sensitive

CCPEVE.joinChannel('freelancer'); // Join the "Freelancer" channel
CCPEVE.joinMailingList string channelName Join the given mailing list, succeeds silently. If the mailinglist does not exist, an error is shown

Not case sensitive

CCPEVE.joinMailingList('SomeList'); // Join the "SomeList" mailing list
CCPEVE.createContract integer type of contract [, integer stationID [, string itemIDs]] Open the contract wizard, with the given type already selected. Type can be
  • 1 = Trade contract
  • 2 = Auction contract
  • 3 = Courier contract

If stationID is given, this station is selected, otherwise the current or last station is selected itemIDs are a string of comma separated itemIDs that can be found in the Asset List. If no items are given, they must be selected in the wizard.

CCPEVE.createContract(1); // Create a trade contract
CCPEVE.createContract(1, 60000004); // Create a trade contract in Muvolailen X - Moon 3 - CBD Corporation Storage
CCPEVE.createContract(1, 60000004, '1,2,3,4'); // Create a trade contract with items already selected
CCPEVE.sellItem integer stationID, string itemID Open the wizard for creating new sell order. itemID can be found in the Asset List
CCPEVE.sellItem(60000004, '1234'); // Sell item 1234 in  Muvolailen X - Moon 3 - CBD Corporation Storage

CCPEVE.buyType integer typeID Open the wizard for buy orders for the given type.
CCPEVE.buyType(20); // Buy kernite
CCPEVE.findInContracts integer typeID Open the contract search and searches for contracts with the given type
CCPEVE.findInContracts(20); // Find contracts with kernite
CCPEVE.addToMarketQuickBar integer typeID Add the given type to the quick access bar of the market window. Succeeds and fails silently.
CCPEVE.addToMarketQuickBar(20); // Add kernite to the market quick bar
CCPEVE.showContents integer locationID, string(number) itemID Show contents of the given item at given location. locationID is typically a station. itemID is a 64-bit number, thus should be passed as string. itemID can refer to a container or a ship.
CCPEVE.showContents(60000004, '12345'); // Show contents of given item
CCPEVE.addContact integer characterID Open the window to add a given character to the address book. If it is already there, the edit contact window is shown.
CCPEVE.addContact(1736529287); // Add or edit the character in(to) the contact list.
CCPEVE.addCorpContact integer characterID Same as addContact, but for corporation contacts.
CCPEVE.addCorpContact(1736529287); // Add or edit the character in(to) the contact list.
CCPEVE.removeContact integer characterID Removes the given character from contact list. If called, a confirmation dialog shows up. This dialog can be disabled via a tick at "remember my decision and do not ask me again". If that is active, it succeeds silently.
CCPEVE.removeContact(1736529287); // Remove the character from) the contact list.
CCPEVE.removeCorpContact integer characterID Same as removeContact, but for corporation contacts. If a users permissions are not high enough, a javascript exception is thrown.
CCPEVE.removeCorpContact(1736529287); // Remove the character from the contact list.
CCPEVE.block integer characterID Blocks a given character. If called, a confirmation dialog shows up. This dialog cannot be disabled by a user.
CCPEVE.block(1736529287); // Block the character
CCPEVE.inviteToFleet integer characterID Invite a character to a fleet, or form a new fleet user is not in one. If called, a confirmation dialog shows up. This dialog cannot be disabled by a user.
CCPEVE.inviteToFleet(1736529287); // Invite the character
CCPEVE.startConversation integer characterID Invite the character to a private conversation. If called, a confirmation dialog shows up. This dialog cannot be disabled by a user.
CCPEVE.startConversation(1736529287); // Invite the character
CCPEVE.addBounty integer characterID Opens the add bounty wizard of the bounty offics window, with the given character selected.
CCPEVE.addBounty(1736529287); // Add bounty to character
CCPEVE.showContracts integer corporationID Open the search contracts window and shows all contracts of the given corporation
CCPEVE.showContracts(109299958); // Show contracts of corporation
CCPEVE.showOnMap [integer regionID|constellationID|solarSystemID] Opens the map and center it on the given celestial object. The ID can be
  • regionID
  • constellationID
  • solarSystemID

CCPs [Game Browser Demo] page lists corporationID as a possible parameter, but this does not seem to work

CCPEVE.showOnMap(); // Just open the map
CCPEVE.showOnMap(10000001); // Center map on region Derelik
CCPEVE.showOnMap(20000002); // Center map on constellation Anares
CCPEVE.showOnMap(30000001);// Center map on system Tanoo
CCPEVE.editMember integer characterID Open the corporation info window about the given character

Users with sufficient rights get the edit view Fails silently for characters not in the corporation

CCPEVE.showContracts(109299958); // Edit / show infos about the character
CCPEVE.awardDecoration integer characterID Opens the wizard with the given user selected.
CCPEVE.awardDecoration(109299958); // Award the character
CCPEVE.sendMail integer characterID|corporationID|allianceID, string subject, string body Open the new mail window with the given subject and body to the given receipients already filled out. Receipient can be
  • A character
  • A users own corporation
  • A users own alliance if the user has the communication officer right

Only one receipient is allowed, sending a mail to several is not possible. Subject and body are mandatory as well and must not be empty. A single space character is allowed though.

CCPEVE.sendMail(109299958, 'Happy birthday', 'Congrats'); // Send a mail to the user
CCPEVE.sendMail(109299958, ' ', ' '); // Send the mail with "empty" subject and body
CCPEVE.bookmark integer celestialID Open the add bookmark window, with the position of the given object and its name prefilled. The ID can be any object that is inside a solar system, like
  • Suns
  • Planets
  • Moons
  • Belts
  • Stations
CCPEVE.bookmark(40455687); // Moon
CCPEVE.bookmark(40455686); // Planet
CCPEVE.bookmark(40000001); // Star / Sun
CCPEVE.bookmark(60014863); // Station
CCPEVE.showSovereignty unknown This function is available in IGB but does not have any effect. See the section about issues for more information none
CCPEVE.clearAllWaypoints none Remove all waypoints from the autopilot, including its destination.
CCPEVE.clearAllWaypoints(); // Remove all previously set waypoints or the destination

Further information


  • Most functions fail silently when an error occurs. The logserver (if running) will contain information about it, but - unlike in other browser - no exception is thrown.
  • The EVE client is a 32-bit program, so the IGB cannot handle integers that are outside the clients scope. If 64-bit numbers must be passed, make sure to pass them as strings.
  • Most functions do not differ between string numbers and integer numbers.

Ship DNA


Ship DNA is a string of typeIDs and quantity values to describe a ship and a fitting. Using the CCPEVE.showFitting() function, this fitting can be displayed in-game. Layout:

<shipTypeId> ':' [<typeId> ';' <quantity> ':']* ':'

Ships, modules and charges/drones are defined by their typeID, which can be found in the invTypes table of the static data export. Any item, except the ship hull, must always have a quantity value (a number preceeded by a literal semicolon), and separated by a literal colon from the next item:


The order of items in DNA doesn't matter, as long as they are listed after the hull. The game client will strip any bogus entries in ship DNA, and attempt to make as much sense out of it, as possible. Space in the DNA string are allowed, though strongly discouraged for compatibility reasons. It is important to keep in mind, that fittings are not validated, eg.: it is possible to show a rookie ship with modules that can only be fitted on capital ships, or a fitting with amount of modules, that exceed the available module or turret/launcher slots.


Show an unfit Rifter


Rifter with 2x 150mm Autocannon and 1x 200mm Autocannon


Rifter with two Small Trimark Armor Pump I rigs


Rifter with three cannons and two Small Trimark Armor Pump I rigs


Rifter with Capital Shield Transporter I and Oblivion doomsday device




All functions in the section Functions that require trust will fail silently, unless the user trusts the site. Trust can be requested using the


function. This function opens a window were the user has to confirm or decline the request for trust. Once confirmed, a green tick in the lower right corner of the IGB is displayed and the functions work. As a parameter a fully qualified domain name must be given. This can be an URL, a domain only and can contain wildcards. If only a domain is given, IGB automatically adds a wildcard to grant trust to all pages on this domain.


 CCPEVE.requestTrust('http://wiki.eve-id.net/IGB_Javascript_Functions'); // Request trust for this page only
 CCPEVE.requestTrust('http://wiki.eve-id.net'); // Request trust for all pages on the wiki
 CCPEVE.requestTrust('http://wiki.eve-id.net/*'); // Request trust for all pages on the wiki
 CCPEVE.requestTrust('http://*.eve-id.net'); // Request trust for all pages on all subdomains of eve-id.net 


  • All methods that open the map, sometimes fail at the last step. All windows are minimized, the map panel is shown, but the map itself is not loaded. A repeated call to the same function does not change anything. If the map is already open, they work as expected.
  • IGB contains a CCPEVE.showSovereignty method, that does not seem to be implemented. No action is shown in the client and the logserver shows an uncaught exception.
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