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What is Finger for EVE (FFE)?

Finger for EVE is a intelligence management tool designed to track characters, such as hostile FCs, cyno alts, super caps, titans, etc. Following an incident where a capital fleet almost got hot dropped due to an intel sharing failure, FFE was built to provide an easier, faster, safer and more secure way to share that type of intelligence.

Ffe windows.png

Who is FFE for?

Out of the box, FFE does NOT provide EVE API driven user registration. It is designed for alliances that already have infrastructure to handle user authentication and authorization (e.g. single sign on), and as such exposes a Java API that allows you to attach it to your existing single sign on system. You will need to have a sys admin who can setup and configure a Java (GWT) web app, MySQL database, and a developer that is familiar with Java and your single sign on system to write an authentication connector.

Where can I get it?

FFE is a AGPL licensed GWT web app. You can download the WAR from here, and the source code from here. Installation instructions can be found here. The source link was dead for awhile, and has been fixed as of 10-26-12.

What if I need help with something?

Visit the EVEO forum thread.

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