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Eve Trader
Eve Trader

  • Please note those screens are a little bit outdated,
    there are less tabs in release version
  • more screenshots
Maintainer: Femaref
Stable release: 1.2.4
Development release: active
OS: Windows
License: GPL
Website: http://code.google.com/p/evetradercs/



Free easy-to-use Eve-Online market analysis and monitoring tool.
Project site (old): http://evetrader.ado.me.uk
Project site (current, overtaken by Femaref): http://code.google.com/p/evetradercs/


Development continued by Femaref on new project site.

Last update to downloads Jan 2011.


Eve Trader is a free Eve-Online market analysis tool. It makes trader's life easer and comfortable by monitoring your market orders and wallet transactions via Eve-Online API. It's intended first of all for traders who buy and sell things. It has user friendly reports about all performed sell/buy operations, including colorful graphs and basic estimation capabilities (see screenshots). Why Eve Trader?

Primary goal of Eve Trader is to be helpful and user friendly. Eve Trader is young tool and can't do a lot of stuff like similar tools, but all things Eve Trader can do it does best. Eve Trader won't ask you to install additional software like MSSQL or MySQL. However Eve Trader uses .NET framework 3.5 which will be installed automatically.

Eve Trader is fully open source


  • Dashboard page with daily sales info
  • Reports for most profitable products, stations and clients
  • Wallet transactions with filtering options.
  • Ignoring transactions.
  • Market orders with filtering and grouping options. Basic estimations are also available.
  • Star map route finder (alfa).
  • XML data storage, you don't need to install a database.
  • Backup / restore data.
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