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EVE Market Data Relay
Maintainer: Ilyk Halibut
Stable release: 0.1
Development release: git master
OS: Platform independant
License: BSD
Website: http://www.eve-emdr.com


EVE Market Data Relay is a super-scalable, super-available way to accept a large amount of user-submitted market data (via uploaders), and re-broadcast said data in near real-time to a large number of subscribers.

The end result is that those writing market-data driven applications could simply subscribe to a “firehose” of market data, and get going, without having to hassle with writing uploaders or data submission APIs. Users wouldn’t need to be asked to install yet another upload, or twiddle the settings on their existing one. More about this can be seen in A High-Level Overview.

More information

For more information on connecting to EMDR's data feed, please visit the documentation site: http://www.eve-emdr.com/

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