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The EveMap project is a click and drag, interactive map similar to the google maps API. The idea behind the project is to allow 3rd parties (ie. you) to embed an interactive map into your pages and make google-esque mashups and overlays.

Along with the core maps API object several helper objects are included in the project to help ease the development of your own utilities.

EveMap website



EveMap is currently under heavy development after reaching a "proof of concept" phase.


  • Easy-to-use javascript syntax with copy/paste examples
  • Click and drag able map
  • Multiple zoom levels
  • Mouse scroll zoom in/zoom out
  • Complete API reference
  • Robust library of plugins
  • Map overlays and markers
  • Support for shared mapping sessions

Usage Ideas

The principle behind the EveMap project is for you, a third party developer, to take the API and make something cool with it. Here are some ideas:

  • Live war strategy map
  • Jump planner or route planner
  • Traffic warning map
  • Corporate/alliance POS and outpost tracker


To use EveMap on your own page is fairly simple. While it's currently not supported it should look something very similar to this in the near future:

var map = new eveMap($("#map"));
new eveGeocoder.lookup("Jita", function(x,z) {


All of these concepts are open to 3rd parties to build on.


Plugins are used to provide some functionality to the map application. For example the eveGeocoder plugin provides a mechanism for finding the spatial position of eve in-game objects.


Unlike the google maps API an overlay is NOT a marker on the map. An overlay for EveMap describes a complete layer "overlayed" onto the map. An example of this is system names. The EveMap tiles have no names printed on them, the system name overlay describes all the text labels for the entire map.


Markers are the building blocks of overlays. Markers of text, graphic or polyline are supported.

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