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I won't port EvEFleet to the new Moondoggie Browser, since we now have a build in tool to get fleets. ( Which actually is what I always wanted )

Just click the Fleet Button, and look at the Fleet Finder.

Also the code sucks.

What is EvEFleet ?

EveFleet is a little script I wrote so people are able to post selfinvite fleets on a website and can quickly check and join fleets. You don't have to ask in alliance or corp anymore to get a fleet invitation in the channel.

It is written for the IG browser. (No you cant join fleets with Firefox ... yet  ;) )


To post a fleet all you have to do is post the fleet invitation in any channel, then right click your name, select copy, and paste this on the site.

You can only see fleets posted by your corp or Alliance, depending if the Fleet was corporation or alliance. You can assign admins that can view and edit/delete any fleet

Website: Download and more help

Download, instructions on how to install it and a nice colorful guide on how to use it can be found at: http://www.flami.net/category/evefleet/


Want to try it out ? Use the IG browser and goto: http://evefleets.flami.net/


You need a MySQL database and PHP 5. ( So basically any LAMP host will do )

PHP 4 will not work.

Optional: access to crontab or any other scheduler to take care of deleting fleets during downtime.


If you want to contact me, send me an Email or EvEMail "Nimtra". (more about that in the README that comes with EvEFleet ;) )

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