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EVE on steroids
Maintainer: Tobias Sarnowski
Stable release: none yet
Development release: 1.0-tyrannis-api-SNAPSHOT
OS: Platform Independent
License: Apache License 2.0
Website: http://github.com/sarnowski/eve-api

The EVE on steroids project is a Java library to provide high level access to the EVE-Online's webservices. The project divides into two subprojects: eve-interfaces and eve-api.

Both projects are under heavy development and everything is subject to change. There aren't any public releases yet but we hope to provide them soon. Contact us on github.com or "Palden" on #eve-dev. To follow the current status, look at the http://wiki.github.com/sarnowski/eve-api/status page.




The goal of this project is to provide common interfaces, defining all services, CCP provides. E.g.:


There are no implementations, just definitions of what the API provides, similar to javax.* definitions.



This project provides a high-performant and clusterable API implementation, using the eve-interfaces for common usage.

The implementation is usable in JavaSE6 and JavaEE6.

At the moment, just a handful APIs are implemented due to building up the interface stack. When eve-interfaces is in a more stable state, all implementations will follow soon.


Development occurs on github.com. If you like to contribute or stay up-to-date, please use the services offered there.


You can download the newest releases, directly from the Maven repository:



EVE on steroids is built with Maven. To use the project's releases, just add the following repository:


		<name>Sarnowski github.com Maven Repository</name>




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