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NEW: Version 1.7.3 Get it here

Eve Market Scanner (EMS) is a tool to compare regional exports of marketlogs. It is made by Eraggan Sadarr of the Phoenix Tribe corporation. Any gratuity donations should be sent to this character.

EMS basically loads all your marketlogs and make a selection list per item. Then you can select two regions for comparison of buy and sell orders. You can filter by quantity, system security status and export date. There are shortcuts to finding the cheapest station to buy an item in, among others.

Note: The key thing to understand is that it only compares manually exported marketlogs. That is, there is no scraping of the cache or monitoring of the client.

Requirements: .NET framework 2.0 (like Evemon, so if you have that your are almost there).

Developer requirements: Needs Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and library http://msbuildtasks.tigris.org/.

Eve Market Scanner is open source and released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3.


Eve Market Scanner Download

Eve Market Scanner Source Code

You can join the in-game mailinglist EveMarketScanner for info on updates and new features; or go here: Eve-O forum thread.

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