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Maintainer: Cuhlen
Stable release: 1.2
Development release: 1.2
OS: Platform independant (.NET 2.0/Mono Library)
License: MIT
Website: Google Code Project


Project Description

EVE.Net is a .NET 2.0 library used to access the EVE Online API.

It consists of several classes, each of which represents the results of a successful call to an API Page.

The library contains no external dependencies and uses no databases.

It is intended to be a simple, direct way of communicating with the EVE API and working with the resultant data.

The library is designed in such a way as to make extending it for new API calls simple and straightforward. All xml parsing is done internally, using reflection, so the individual API classes do not need deal with parsing the xml result sets at all.

  • Simple to configure.
    • A single static class with 3 options for cache location, image file locations, and API address.
  • Built in caching support.
  • Structured object-oriented design that is easily expanded for new APIs
    • Implementing a new API page is as simple as creating a new class for that page which contains the data structure from the expected xml result and inherting from APIObject
  • Support for all published API pages


Usage Examples

Character Sheet

         CharacterSheet charSheet = new CharacterSheet(keyID, vCode, charID);
         Console.WriteLine("                Name: {0}", charSheet.name);
         Console.WriteLine("                  ID: {0}", charSheet.characterID);
         Console.WriteLine("       Date of Birth: {0}", charSheet.DoB);
         Console.WriteLine("                Race: {0}", charSheet.race);

Wallet Journal

         WalletJournal journal = new WalletJournal(keyID, vCode, charID);
         Console.WriteLine("  Entries  ");
         foreach (WalletJournal.Entry entry in journal.transactions)
            Console.WriteLine("     ID: {0}", entry.refID);
            Console.WriteLine("Balance: {0}", entry.balance);
            Console.WriteLine(" Amount: {0}", entry.amount);
            Console.WriteLine("  Taxes: {0}", entry.taxAmount);
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