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EVE Market Data Uploader (EMDU)

EVE Market Data Uploader (EMDU) is a super cross-platform, console-based market data uploader. It currently runs on Mac OS 10.5+, Windows XP+, Linux 2.6+, and Python 2.7.

EMDU may be attractive to you if you want a minimalistic, efficient uploader that runs on just about anything.

For more details, see: https://github.com/gtaylor/EVE-Market-Data-Uploader/blob/master/README.rst

EVE Market Data Uploader (EMDU)
Maintainer: gtaylor
Stable release: git
Development release: git
OS: Platform independant
License: BSD
Website: https://github.com/gtaylor/EVE-Market-Data-Uploader/blob/master/README.rst
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