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Front page of a successfully installed EDK
Maintainer: EVE Development Network
Stable release: 4.0.2
Development release: Nightly build
OS: Platform independent
License: GPL
Website: http://www.eve-id.net

EDK is an Open Source Killboard for EVE-Online, maintained by the EVE Development Network.



Download here: http://eve-id.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=503&t=18502


To be able to install successfully you need a webserver with:

  • PHP >= version 5.2
  • the GD Library
  • MySQL >= version 5.0
  • MySQLi must be installed

You will need the PHP Zip and Xml extensions in order to use the automatic update system.

After you have unpacked the files in the archive to your installation path, point your browser to the install (i.e. http://kb.example.com/kb/install ) folder and follow the steps provided.

You need to set some special rights on some of the folders:

  • The cache directory needs to be writable by the user that the webserver runs as. Setting it to be world writable (mode 777 on unix - "chmod -R 777 cache") will work fine (the cache directory may still not be writable for the killboards php scripts if SELinux is in use, "chcon -R -t httpd_sys_rw_content_t cache" should solve that).


Setting the KB to load kills via the API

You will first need an API key with killlog access. This can be found at http://support.eveonline.com/api/Key/CreatePredefined/256

  • Go to the admin page for your killboard
  • Select API Killlog from the list of sections.
  • Enter the details of the key
  • To manually retrieve kills click on 'Import Mails'

Loading Kills from other Killboards

  • Go to the admin page for your killboard
  • Select Feed Syndication from the list of sections.
  • Enter the url of the feed you wish to use. This will usually be http://boardurl/?a=idfeed
  • Click on Save.
  • gzip compression is known to cause problems on some systems. Disable this if you have problems.
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