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EVE Corporation Management
ECM Screenshot
Maintainer: diabeteman
Stable release: 2.0.5
Development release: 2.1
OS: Platform independent (Python)
License: GPLv3



EVE Corporation Management (ECM) is a management and decision making support application for EVE Online. It is a web application designed as a dashboard for analyzing and presenting raw data retrieved from the servers of the game.


Human resources management

  • Monitoring of the members of the corporation (arrivals & departures, roles/titles changes)
  • Association of the members to players In Real Life
  • Calculation of the potential risk of each member (according to his/her access rights)
  • Member sessions tracking (login/logoff) *

Assets monitoring

  • Browsing of all the hangars of the corporation (including deliveries hangars and In-Space assets)
  • History accessible through to a diff mechanism
  • Localization of in-space assets *
  • Retrieval of player-defined names for ships and containers *

Corporation accounting

  • Wallet journals (with more information than in the In Game interface)
  • Tax contribution stats (per member and per solar system)
  • Corp contracts *
  • Market orders *

POS tracking *

  • Comprehensive list of all the control towers owned by the corp. *
  • Showing specific towers only to groups of users. *
  • Fuel & silo levels *
  • Local system assets *

Industry management system *

  • Full-blown online corporation shop *
  • Catalog & pricings management *
  • Corp blueprints management (synchronization with corp assets) *

* = new in 2.0.0

Why develop ECM? : Consequences of « Social Gaming »

The extreme freedom that EVE offers to its players opens the door to many game styles that could not be created in other MMORPGs, such as piracy and especially espionage. Thus saith The Mittani (a famous player for his espionage activities) about this style of play:

« Espionage is without a doubt the most glamorous profession in New Eden. EVE is practically the only game where one can assume the role of a spy in an environment where intelligence gathering is necessary and makes a real impact, and won't get you banned. »

Corporations are comparable to private companies as we know them today. They have bank accounts, offices, warehouses and "assets" such as vessels, raw materials, etc.. To manage access to warehouses and accounts, there is a fairly complex access-rights system that we will not describe here. And it is necessary - when the corporation reaches a certain size (larger may contain up to 2000 members) - to bring a special attention to the management of those access-rights in order to limit the risks of infiltration and theft.

The EVE community has always developed lots of tools to help manage and understand this game whose complexity is increasing with time. ECM addresses a problem that has not yet been treated: resources and members management of a corporation.


ECM is still work in progress. I'm looking for helping hands with skills in Python/Django/WebDesign. -diabeteman


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