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NOTE: django-eve-proxy is not a public proxy service, it is a Django application that exposes an API for caching EVE API requests within your existing Django project, and optionally allows you to expose a traditional HTTP proxy for use like a traditional API proxy (if you so desire). You must provide the hosting and the Django project.

Maintainer: Ilyk Halibut
Stable release: 0.5
Development release: Source Release
OS: Platform independent
License: GPLv3


django-eve-proxy is a Django app that allows you to transparently query and cache EVE API calls. This means that your project need not worry about cache intervals and expiration times. Queries may be conducted through Python modules or with a entry, via HTTP as well like a traditional EVE API proxy.

django-eve-proxy is a sub-project within Django-eve that may optionally be used with the other components.


See the project's Google code page for details.


See the project's thread on the EVE forums for help.

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