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CCP DB Table Categories



List of all NPC Corporations.
Column Links to Used Note
corporationID * Unique ID of corporation. Should be primary key.
size * Size of corporation: HLMST = Huge, Large, Medium, Small, Tiny.
extent * How corporation is spread: GNRCL = Global, National, Regional, Constellation, Local
solarSystemID mapSolarSystems.solarSystemID * Solar system where corporation's HQ is located.
investorID1 crpNPCCorporations.corporationID * 1st investor corporation, if applicable.
investorShares1 * Percentage of 1st investor shares.
investorID2 crpNPCCorporations.corporationID * 2nd investor corporation, if applicable.
investorShares2 * Percentage of 2nd investor shares.
investorID3 crpNPCCorporations.corporationID * 3rd investor corporation, if applicable.
investorShares3 * Percentage of 3rd investor shares.
investorID4 crpNPCCorporations.corporationID * 4th investor corporation, if applicable.
investorShares4 * Percentage of 4th investor shares.
friendID crpNPCCorporations.corporationID * Friendly corporation.
enemyID crpNPCCorporations.corporationID * Competitor corporation.
publicShares Percentage of public shares. Not implemented.
initialPrice Initial price of public shares. Not implemented.
minSecurity * Unknown.
scattered * 1 if corporation's stations are scattered in Universe.
fringe * Number of fringe systems with corporation's stations.
corridor * Number of corridor systems with corporation's stations.
hub * Number of hub systems with corporation's stations.
border * Number of border systems with corporation's stations.
factionID chrFactions.factionID * Faction this corporation belongs to.
sizeFactor * Numeric size of corporation.
stationCount * Number of corporation's stations.
stationSystemCount * Total number of systems with corporation's stations.
description * Description of the corporation.


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