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CCP DB Table Categories



Bloodlines for newly created characters with starting attributes.
Column Links to Used Note
bloodlineID * Unique ID of bloodline. Should be primary key.
bloodlineName * Name of bloodline.
raceID chrRaces.raceID * ID of race.
description * Description of bloodline.
maleDescription * Description of males in this bloodline.
femaleDescription * Description of females in this bloodline.
shipTypeID invTypes.typeID * typeID of starter ship.
corporationID crpNPCCorporations.corporationID Main NPC corporation for this bloodline.
perception Starting attribute - Perception.
willpower Starting attribute - Willpower.
charisma Starting attribute - Charisma.
memory Starting attribute - Memory.
intelligence Starting attribute - Intelligence.
iconID eveIcons.iconID * Icon for this bloodline.
shortDescription * Short description of bloodline.
shortMaleDescription * Short description of males.
shortFemaleDescription * Short description of females.


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