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The CCP Static Data Dump (SDD, in wiki often CCP DB) is part of the CCP Community Toolkit and provides an SQL RDMS database of objects and entities in EVE Online.

When working on pages in the wiki, you can embed database information in your pages using special Wiki editing syntax.

Source(s): CCP Static Data Dump



It is released officially at the EVE Community Toolkit website.

You can unzip it using a program such as 7-zip on Windows and p7zip on Linux.

If you do not have database software, you can always install MSSQL Server 2008 Express Edition for free from Microsoft and work with the official CCP Database Dump files.

Detailed release information is available at CCP Toolkit Release History.

It is also possible to create your own database dump using extractor tools on the game Cache. This could provide you with more up to date information on some objects.

Source(s): CCP Static Data Dump


Individual MySQL tables for Retribution 1.0 -
Individual MySQL table dumps in mysql sql, and xls. Also full schema conversion. Retribution 1.0
Old conversions are archived in CCP Toolkit Release History
Fix charset for translations data in table `trnTranslations` in HowTo: Fix charset in trnTranslations table

Source(s): CCP Static Data Dump


The official toolkit website states that it contains:


  • Map information such as solarsystems, constellations, regions
  • jump connections, stargates, orbital bodies
  • types, groups and categories for everything in-game
  • manufacture and refine information for every said types
  • and much more


  • All in-game types, including blueprints
  • Alliance and NPC corporation logos

In fact it also contains:

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Source(s): CCP Static Data Dump

Detailed Information

Source(s): CCP Static Data Dump

Community Tables

The EVE community has provided supplementary information that you can add to your database.

Source(s): CCP Static Data Dump

Feature Requests

Please put feature requests in Database Dump Requests.

Source(s): CCP Static Data Dump

External Hosting

Below is a list of remote-accessible hosts that allow you to read the database dump in read-only mode for use in your small applications or websites. If your website has high traffic please consider hosting it yourself instead. They should list the version of the database, hostname, username, password, database name, and server type and server version.

  • You can help the community by hosting a version of the database dump on your server and listing it here
* proudly provides a remote database connection: 
  dump version: cruc101, 
  database: "evedump", 
  hostname: "", 
  username: "evedump", 
  password: "evedump1234", 
  server: MySQL 5.0.51a

Source(s): CCP Static Data Dump

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