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US Radio Mix of Friends is live ;)) check it on our NEWS: Due to unresolved tech issues, EP 69 postponed to next week. But, you'll still get music to carry this Sunday. Stay tuned (and sorry). oq foii? :P some people make your life better by walking into it, while other people will make your life better by simply walking out of it. What can you do! Latest is, mine chews his mouthfuls to a pulp then refuses to swallow, except for a few foods :( Ver como mi estilista se luce con mis cejas y el otro chamo q se pica. ... NoTienePrecio jajajajaja.. Se matan laboralmente entre ellos XD Goodnight :) The more I read your messages, the more I start to dislike you. LLN :D hahaha EU NÃO FAÇO NADA, SOU SANTA A look inside the Auro3D setup at the Media University in Stuttgart: :) what's up? I hate the show "16 and pregnant" so much. There are 13 year olds fighting cancer. Where's their show? Foda - se essa porra!! Lol hımm okul burası :( ama istersen gelin italyan şefim burdayken beraber yapalım

Good night Estou buscando sempre o conhecimento nesse momento da minha carreira. Today's weather: Drizzle. Blazing sunshine. Hail. not sure transport car cross country yet. It was a former pub so hopefully not 59.: sorry for party rocking. AHAHAHHA lol Spitting your drink out when someone says something funny Oh you have two boys in your bio, PLAYAAAAAAAAA the opposite side of the stage..he was cute when he's like" My mom's here :')..I luv seeing intimate moments like that lol A Day in the Life of Damone Roberts... - Many people have asked me what my days look like when I get ready... and i know if the love is alright, you don't have to look about the stars, no no, no no.<3 Unzipping Google has been the most fun thing I have done all day.

pray for pretty weather Lol my eyebrows are ridiculous today your secrets keep you sick, your lies keep you alive God this stream sucks nerene kacan? Kim kaciyo? Anlamadim my niguh Kiss then Yeezy.. it always is! pulled a wannabe SupermanCombover + a geordie tshirt haha x Diosdado: EL UNICO PACTO del PSUV, ES la LEALTAD A CHAVEZ La fortaleza nuestra es la debilidad d la oposición Greatest handball in the box you've seen in your life. 0:25 in this video.Huge scandal in Romania after this one. i know I know the goverment is deep in debt, but what's another trillion to get some good food in public school cafetertias? Thanks for your follow Who knew Becky could be so mean? Oh right, I KNEW! All-hologram line up for next year. I always get beliebers as followers! lol:)) Baby .. Baby .. Riding on a pig -Baby .. Haha :'D ohmigawwd Acompaño a mi compañera y amiga Ines Martinez, en su primer informe de labores legislativos. Gracias por tu entrega por el bien de Chihuahua

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