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PHP Api Lib
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Kw4h, photographed on a peaceful day in the halls of an unknown Caldari station.
Creator of PHP Api Library, Kw4h.
Maintainer: Kw4h (Yorick as of 0.21)
Stable release: no stable release yet
Development release: 0.22
OS: Platform independant, PHP 5 required
License: LGPL
Website: http://wiki.eve-dev.net



The PHP Api library was designed so less-experienced developers can still interface with the EVE Api. Basic programming experience is required, but you don't need Rocket Science at V.


Extract the zip file into a separate directory in your projects code folder. Then you can use this snippet of code to see if it works. Do make sure that the path in the 'require_once' is set correctly. Also, you will need to input a "USERID" and "APIKEY", which can be found on the myeve website.

$api = new Api();
$api->setCredentials("USERID", "APIKEY");
$api->debug(true); // enable debugging
$api->cache(false); // do not use a cache-file, if one is stored on the disk
$contents = $api->getCharacters(); // retrieve api characters XML file
$api->printErrors(); // display errors


No documentation available yet. Most classes speak for themselves I hope.

v0.21 includes documentation

Ninja Project Hijack 0.21/0.22

Kw4h's been MIA, and this project has been resurrected.

Release 0.21 stabilizes the 0.20 release that Kw4h created in 2007. Caching is now functional, and some parsing errors have been resolved. All classes and functions follow a common naming convention, and more parameter checks have been added. Rynlam's additions are in this release, as are Lumy's ideas for rewriting the caching logic, though both in a slightly modified way. There is also, joy, documentation. Code that has been built with 0.20 naming conventions is still expected to work. 0.22 adds assetList and industryJobs support, and moves the library to the LGPL. As always, if you find any issues, speak up.


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