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Returns a list of contestable solarsystems and the NPC faction currently occupying them. It should be noted that this file only returns a non-zero ID if the occupying faction is not the sovereign faction.

Data Caching

This method is cached according to the Modified Short Cache Style. However, the data is only calculated on TQ once a day during downtime. [1]

Input Arguments

None, this function accepts no arguments.

Output XML

<eveapi version="2">
  <currentTime>2008-06-30 06:50:05</currentTime>
       <rowset name="solarSystems" key="solarSystemID" columns="solarSystemID,solarSystemName,occupyingFactionID,occupyingFactionName,contested">
         <row solarSystemID="30002056" solarSystemName="Resbroko" occupyingFactionID="0" occupyingFactionName="" contested="True"/>
         <row solarSystemID="30002057" solarSystemName="Hadozeko" occupyingFactionID="0" occupyingFactionName="" contested="False"/>
         <row solarSystemID="30003068" solarSystemName="Kourmonen" occupyingFactionID="500002" occupyingFactionName="Minmatar Republic" contested="False"/>
         <row solarSystemID="30003069" solarSystemName="Kamela" occupyingFactionID="500002" occupyingFactionName="Minmatar Republic" contested="True"/>
   <cachedUntil>2008-06-30 07:50:05</cachedUntil>

Output Rowset Columns

Name Type Description
solarSystemID int The unique identification number of a solar system. You can look up the details of the solar system in the table mapSolarSystems of the CCP Database Dump.
SolarSystemName string The name of a solar system.
occupyingFactionID int The ID of the NPC Faction that has occupied this constellation, or 0 if the default (sovereign) faction occupies the system.
occupyingFactionName string The name of the occupying NPC Faction.
contested boolean Whether system is being fought over.
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