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Returns a list of transaction types used in the Journal Entries

Data Caching

This method is cached according to the Modified Short Cache Style.

Input Arguments

None, this function accepts no arguments.

Output XML

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<eveapi version="2">
  <currentTime>2012-04-17 14:25:17</currentTime>
    <rowset name="refTypes" key="refTypeID" columns="refTypeID,refTypeName">
      <row refTypeID="0" refTypeName="Undefined" />
      <row refTypeID="1" refTypeName="Player Trading" />
      <row refTypeID="2" refTypeName="Market Transaction" />
      <row refTypeID="3" refTypeName="GM Cash Transfer" />
      <row refTypeID="4" refTypeName="ATM Withdraw" />
      <row refTypeID="5" refTypeName="ATM Deposit" />
      <row refTypeID="6" refTypeName="Backward Compatible" />
      <row refTypeID="7" refTypeName="Mission Reward" />
      <row refTypeID="8" refTypeName="Clone Activation" />
      <row refTypeID="9" refTypeName="Inheritance" />
      <row refTypeID="10" refTypeName="Player Donation" />
      <row refTypeID="11" refTypeName="Corporation Payment" />
      <row refTypeID="12" refTypeName="Docking Fee" />
      <row refTypeID="13" refTypeName="Office Rental Fee" />
      <row refTypeID="14" refTypeName="Factory Slot Rental Fee" />
      <row refTypeID="15" refTypeName="Repair Bill" />
      <row refTypeID="16" refTypeName="Bounty" />
      <row refTypeID="17" refTypeName="Bounty Prize" />
      <row refTypeID="18" refTypeName="Agents_temporary" />
      <row refTypeID="19" refTypeName="Insurance" />
      <row refTypeID="20" refTypeName="Mission Expiration" />
      <row refTypeID="21" refTypeName="Mission Completion" />
      <row refTypeID="22" refTypeName="Shares" />
      <row refTypeID="23" refTypeName="Courier Mission Escrow" />
      <row refTypeID="24" refTypeName="Mission Cost" />
      <row refTypeID="25" refTypeName="Agent Miscellaneous" />
      <row refTypeID="26" refTypeName="LP Store" />
      <row refTypeID="27" refTypeName="Agent Location Services" />
      <row refTypeID="28" refTypeName="Agent Donation" />
      <row refTypeID="29" refTypeName="Agent Security Services" />
      <row refTypeID="30" refTypeName="Agent Mission Collateral Paid" />
      <row refTypeID="31" refTypeName="Agent Mission Collateral Refunded" />
      <row refTypeID="32" refTypeName="Agents_preward" />
      <row refTypeID="33" refTypeName="Agent Mission Reward" />
      <row refTypeID="34" refTypeName="Agent Mission Time Bonus Reward" />
      <row refTypeID="35" refTypeName="CSPA" />
      <row refTypeID="36" refTypeName="CSPAOfflineRefund" />
      <row refTypeID="37" refTypeName="Corporation Account Withdrawal" />
      <row refTypeID="38" refTypeName="Corporation Dividend Payment" />
      <row refTypeID="39" refTypeName="Corporation Registration Fee" />
      <row refTypeID="40" refTypeName="Corporation Logo Change Cost" />
      <row refTypeID="41" refTypeName="Release Of Impounded Property" />
      <row refTypeID="42" refTypeName="Market Escrow" />
      <row refTypeID="43" refTypeName="Agent Services Rendered" />
      <row refTypeID="44" refTypeName="Market Fine Paid" />
      <row refTypeID="45" refTypeName="Corporation Liquidation" />
      <row refTypeID="46" refTypeName="Brokers Fee" />
      <row refTypeID="47" refTypeName="Corporation Bulk Payment" />
      <row refTypeID="48" refTypeName="Alliance Registration Fee" />
      <row refTypeID="49" refTypeName="War Fee" />
      <row refTypeID="50" refTypeName="Alliance Maintainance Fee" />
      <row refTypeID="51" refTypeName="Contraband Fine" />
      <row refTypeID="52" refTypeName="Clone Transfer" />
      <row refTypeID="53" refTypeName="Acceleration Gate Fee" />
      <row refTypeID="54" refTypeName="Transaction Tax" />
      <row refTypeID="55" refTypeName="Jump Clone Installation Fee" />
      <row refTypeID="56" refTypeName="Manufacturing" />
      <row refTypeID="57" refTypeName="Researching Technology" />
      <row refTypeID="58" refTypeName="Researching Time Productivity" />
      <row refTypeID="59" refTypeName="Researching Material Productivity" />
      <row refTypeID="60" refTypeName="Copying" />
      <row refTypeID="61" refTypeName="Duplicating" />
      <row refTypeID="62" refTypeName="Reverse Engineering" />
      <row refTypeID="63" refTypeName="Contract Auction Bid" />
      <row refTypeID="64" refTypeName="Contract Auction Bid Refund" />
      <row refTypeID="65" refTypeName="Contract Collateral" />
      <row refTypeID="66" refTypeName="Contract Reward Refund" />
      <row refTypeID="67" refTypeName="Contract Auction Sold" />
      <row refTypeID="68" refTypeName="Contract Reward" />
      <row refTypeID="69" refTypeName="Contract Collateral Refund" />
      <row refTypeID="70" refTypeName="Contract Collateral Payout" />
      <row refTypeID="71" refTypeName="Contract Price" />
      <row refTypeID="72" refTypeName="Contract Brokers Fee" />
      <row refTypeID="73" refTypeName="Contract Sales Tax" />
      <row refTypeID="74" refTypeName="Contract Deposit" />
      <row refTypeID="75" refTypeName="Contract Deposit Sales Tax" />
      <row refTypeID="76" refTypeName="Secure EVE Time Code Exchange" />
      <row refTypeID="77" refTypeName="Contract Auction Bid (corp)" />
      <row refTypeID="78" refTypeName="Contract Collateral Deposited (corp)" />
      <row refTypeID="79" refTypeName="Contract Price Payment (corp)" />
      <row refTypeID="80" refTypeName="Contract Brokers Fee (corp)" />
      <row refTypeID="81" refTypeName="Contract Deposit (corp)" />
      <row refTypeID="82" refTypeName="Contract Deposit Refund" />
      <row refTypeID="83" refTypeName="Contract Reward Deposited" />
      <row refTypeID="84" refTypeName="Contract Reward Deposited (corp)" />
      <row refTypeID="85" refTypeName="Bounty Prizes" />
      <row refTypeID="86" refTypeName="Advertisement Listing Fee" />
      <row refTypeID="87" refTypeName="Medal Creation" />
      <row refTypeID="88" refTypeName="Medal Issued" />
      <row refTypeID="89" refTypeName="Betting" />
      <row refTypeID="90" refTypeName="DNA Modification Fee" />
      <row refTypeID="91" refTypeName="Sovereignty bill" />
      <row refTypeID="92" refTypeName="Bounty Prize Corporation Tax" />
      <row refTypeID="93" refTypeName="Agent Mission Reward Corporation Tax" />
      <row refTypeID="94" refTypeName="Agent Mission Time Bonus Reward Corporation Tax" />
      <row refTypeID="95" refTypeName="Upkeep adjustment fee" />
      <row refTypeID="96" refTypeName="Planetary Import Tax" />
      <row refTypeID="97" refTypeName="Planetary Export Tax" />
      <row refTypeID="98" refTypeName="Planetary Construction" />
      <row refTypeID="99" refTypeName="Corporate Reward Payout" />
      <row refTypeID="100" refTypeName="Minigame Betting" />
      <row refTypeID="101" refTypeName="Bounty Surcharge" />
      <row refTypeID="102" refTypeName="Contract Reversal" />
      <row refTypeID="103" refTypeName="Corporate Reward Tax" />
      <row refTypeID="104" refTypeName="Minigame Buy-In" />
      <row refTypeID="105" refTypeName="Office Upgrade Fee" />
      <row refTypeID="106" refTypeName="Store Purchase" />
      <row refTypeID="107" refTypeName="Store Purchase Refund" />
      <row refTypeID="108" refTypeName="PLEX sold for Aurum" />
      <row refTypeID="109" refTypeName="Lottery Give Away" />
      <row refTypeID="110" refTypeName="Minigame Betting House Cut" />
      <row refTypeID="111" refTypeName="Aurum Token exchanged for Aur" />
      <row refTypeID="112" refTypeName="" />
      <row refTypeID="10001" refTypeName="Modify ISK" />
      <row refTypeID="10002" refTypeName="Primary Marketplace Purchase" />
      <row refTypeID="10003" refTypeName="Battle Reward" />
      <row refTypeID="10004" refTypeName="New Character Starting Funds" />
      <row refTypeID="10005" refTypeName="Corporation Account Withdrawal" />
      <row refTypeID="10006" refTypeName="Corporation Account Deposit" />
      <row refTypeID="10007" refTypeName="Battle WP Win Reward" />
      <row refTypeID="10008" refTypeName="Battle WP Loss Reward" />
      <row refTypeID="10009" refTypeName="Battle Win Reward" />
      <row refTypeID="10010" refTypeName="Battle Loss Reward" />
      <row refTypeID="10011" refTypeName="" />
      <row refTypeID="11001" refTypeName="Modify AUR" />
      <row refTypeID="11002" refTypeName="Respec payment" />
      <row refTypeID="11003" refTypeName="" />
      <row refTypeID="11004" refTypeName="" />
      <row refTypeID="11005" refTypeName="" />
  <cachedUntil>2012-04-18 14:25:17</cachedUntil>

Output Rowset Columns

Name Type Description
refTypeID int Reference ID
refTypeName string What kind of transaction it is
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