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Returns a list of error codes that can be returned by the EVE API servers. Error types are broken into the following categories according to their first digit:

  • 1xx - user input
  • 2xx - authentication
  • 5xx - server
  • 9xx - miscellaneous

Data Caching

This method is cached according to the Modified Short Cache Style.

Input Arguments

None, this function accepts no arguments.

Output XML

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<eveapi version="2">
  <currentTime>2012-11-15 19:04:17</currentTime>
    <rowset name="errors" key="errorCode" columns="errorCode,errorText">
      <row errorCode="100" errorText="Expected before ref/trans ID = 0: wallet not previously loaded." />
      <row errorCode="101" errorText="Wallet exhausted: retry after {0}." />
      <row errorCode="102" errorText="Expected before ref/trans ID [{0}] but supplied [{1}]: wallet previously loaded." />
      <row errorCode="103" errorText="Already returned one week of data: retry after {0}." />
      <row errorCode="105" errorText="Invalid characterID." />
      <row errorCode="106" errorText="Must provide userID or keyID parameter for authentication." />
      <row errorCode="107" errorText="Invalid beforeRefID provided." />
      <row errorCode="108" errorText="Invalid accountKey provided." />
      <row errorCode="109" errorText="Invalid accountKey: must be in the range 1000 to 1006." />
      <row errorCode="110" errorText="Invalid beforeTransID provided." />
      <row errorCode="111" errorText="'{0}' is not a valid integer." />
      <row errorCode="112" errorText="Version mismatch." />
      <row errorCode="113" errorText="Version escalation is not allowed at this time." />
      <row errorCode="114" errorText="Invalid itemID provided." />
      <row errorCode="115" errorText="Assets already downloaded: retry after {0}." />
      <row errorCode="116" errorText="Industry jobs already downloaded: retry after {0}." />
      <row errorCode="117" errorText="Market orders already downloaded: retry after {0}." />
      <row errorCode="118" errorText="BeforeKillID was supplied but no Kill Log exists in cache or is expired. Please refresh Kill Log with no beforeKillID supplied to get the most recent kills." />
      <row errorCode="119" errorText="Kill log exhausted (You can only fetch kills that are less than a month old): New kills will be accessible at: {0}. If you are not expecting this message it is possible that some other application is using this key!" />
      <row errorCode="120" errorText="Expected beforeKillID [{0}] but supplied [{1}]. Please supply the expected killID! If you are not expecting this message it is possible that some other application is using this key!" />
      <row errorCode="121" errorText="Invalid beforeKillID provided." />
      <row errorCode="122" errorText="Invalid or missing list of names." />
      <row errorCode="123" errorText="Invalid or missing list of IDs." />
      <row errorCode="124" errorText="Character not enlisted in Factional Warfare." />
      <row errorCode="125" errorText="Corporation not enlisted in Factional Warfare." />
      <row errorCode="126" errorText="Invalid ID found in ID list. Please ensure input is a comma seperated list of valid 32-bit non-negative integers." />
      <row errorCode="127" errorText="Please supply valid eventIDs." />
      <row errorCode="128" errorText="IDs contained repeated instances of (at least) ID {0}. Please do not make redundant requests." />
      <row errorCode="129" errorText="Input may not exceed {0} IDs." />
      <row errorCode="130" errorText="All input must be valid ownerIDs or typeIDs." />
      <row errorCode="131" errorText="Calendar Event List not populated with upcoming events. You cannot request any random eventID." />
      <row errorCode="132" errorText="Calendar Event not found in upcoming events list. You cannot request any random eventID or CCP sponsored events." />
      <row errorCode="133" errorText="Calendar Event List of attendees currently not accessible for this event." />
      <row errorCode="134" errorText="Invalid or missing contractID." />
      <row errorCode="135" errorText="Owner is not the owner of all itemIDs or a non-existant itemID was passed in. If you are not trying to scrape the API, please ensure your input are valid locations associated with the key owner." />
      <row errorCode="200" errorText="Current security level not high enough." />
      <row errorCode="201" errorText="Character does not belong to account." />
      <row errorCode="202" errorText="API key authentication failure." />
      <row errorCode="203" errorText="Authentication failure." />
      <row errorCode="204" errorText="Authentication failure." />
      <row errorCode="205" errorText="Authentication failure (final pass)." />
      <row errorCode="206" errorText="Character must have Accountant or Junior Accountant roles." />
      <row errorCode="207" errorText="Not available for NPC corporations." />
      <row errorCode="208" errorText="Character must have Accountant, Junior Accountant, or Trader roles." />
      <row errorCode="209" errorText="Character must be a Director or CEO." />
      <row errorCode="210" errorText="Authentication failure." />
      <row errorCode="211" errorText="Login denied by account status." />
      <row errorCode="212" errorText="Authentication failure (final pass)." />
      <row errorCode="213" errorText="Character must have Factory Manager role." />
      <row errorCode="220" errorText="Invalid Corporation Key. Key owner does not fullfill role requirements anymore." />
      <row errorCode="221" errorText="Illegal page request! Please verify the access granted by the key you are using!" />
      <row errorCode="222" errorText="Key has expired. Contact key owner for access renewal." />
      <row errorCode="223" errorText="Authentication failure. Legacy API keys can no longer be used. Please create a new key on support.eveonline.com and make sure your application supports Customizable API Keys." />
      <row errorCode="501" errorText="GetID({0}) is invalid or not loaded." />
      <row errorCode="503" errorText="GetSkillpointsForLevel({0}, {1}): invalid input." />
      <row errorCode="504" errorText="GetRace({0}): invalid race." />
      <row errorCode="505" errorText="GetGender({0}): invalid gender." />
      <row errorCode="506" errorText="GetBloodline({0}): invalid bloodline." />
      <row errorCode="507" errorText="GetAttributeName({0}): invalid attribute." />
      <row errorCode="508" errorText="GetRefType({0}): invalid reftype." />
      <row errorCode="509" errorText="attributeID {0} has null data components." />
      <row errorCode="510" errorText="Character does not appear to have a corporation.  Not loaded?" />
      <row errorCode="511" errorText="AccountCanQuery({0}): invalid accountKey." />
      <row errorCode="512" errorText="Invalid charID passed to CharData.GetCharacter()." />
      <row errorCode="513" errorText="Failed to get character roles in corporation." />
      <row errorCode="514" errorText="Invalid corpID passed to CorpData.GetCorporation()." />
      <row errorCode="516" errorText="Failed getting user information." />
      <row errorCode="517" errorText="CSV header/row count mismatch." />
      <row errorCode="518" errorText="Unable to get current TQ time." />
      <row errorCode="519" errorText="Failed getting starbase detail information." />
      <row errorCode="520" errorText="Unexpected failure accessing database." />
      <row errorCode="521" errorText="Invalid username and/or password passed to UserData.LoginWebUser()." />
      <row errorCode="522" errorText="Failed getting character information." />
      <row errorCode="523" errorText="Failed getting corporation information." />
      <row errorCode="531" errorText="Failed getting contract information." />
      <row errorCode="532" errorText="Failed getting market order information." />
      <row errorCode="901" errorText="Web site database temporarily disabled." />
      <row errorCode="902" errorText="EVE backend database temporarily disabled." />
      <row errorCode="903" errorText="Rate limited [{0}]: please obey all cachedUntil timers." />
      <row errorCode="904" errorText="Your IP address has been temporarily blocked because it is causing too many errors. See the cacheUntil timestamp for when it will be opened again. IPs that continually cause a lot of errors in the API will be permanently banned, please take measures to minimize problematic API calls from your application." />
      <row errorCode="999" errorText="User forced test error condition." />
      <row errorCode="1001" errorText="Cache is invalid" />
  <cachedUntil>2012-11-15 20:04:17</cachedUntil>

Output Rowset Columns

Name Type Description
errorCode int The ID of the error code.
errorText string Textual description of the error.

Example Error

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<eveapi version="2">
  <currentTime>2011-09-10 13:50:48</currentTime>
  <error code="222">Key has expired. Contact key owner for access renewal.</error>
  <cachedUntil>2011-09-10 13:50:48</cachedUntil>

Notice! The <cachedUntil> date and time of an Error is currently bugged and returns the same date and time as the <currentTime>.

Black Listing

Repeatedly ignoring cache timers or sending incorrectly formatted requests that return error codes can lead to your IP being blacklisted by CCP.

2xx generally means you should not repeat the same query. To go down the list:

  • 200: Stop
  • 201: Stop
  • 202: Wait some time, the cache on the server could be wrong. But if the problem persists for more than a day or two, stop
  • 203: Stop
  • 204: Stop
  • 205: Stop
  • 206: Unless you have access to change the roles of the character you query, stop
  • 207: Stop
  • 208: Unless you have access to change the roles of the character you query, stop
  • 209: Unless you have access to change the roles of the character you query, stop
  • 210: Stop
  • 211: At least remove this temporarily from the pool if not completely.

1xx also contains some errors which should be a hint to suggest your query is broken. They should be mostly self-explanatory though.

  • 521: Remove immediately from pool. You're passing in something like a negative or null userID or a somehow obviously bad API key.


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