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Shows the list and states of POS'es.

Data Caching

This method is cached according to the Short Cache Style (6 hours).

Input Arguments

Name Type Description
KeyID int API Key ID (must be a Corporation key)
vCode char(64) API Verification Code

Output XML

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<eveapi version="2">
<currentTime>2011-12-08 19:20:12</currentTime>
<rowset name="starbases" key="itemID" columns="itemID,typeID,locationID,moonID,state,stateTimestamp,onlineTimestamp,standingOwnerID">
<row itemID="100449451" typeID="27538" locationID="30000163" moonID="40010395" state="4" stateTimestamp="2011-12-08 20:03:41" onlineTimestamp="2009-06-04 07:00:51" standingOwnerID="673381830"/>
<row itemID="638317993" typeID="27538" locationID="30000163" moonID="40010366" state="4" stateTimestamp="2011-12-08 19:33:36" onlineTimestamp="2008-09-17 03:52:55" standingOwnerID="673381830"/>
<cachedUntil>2011-12-09 01:04:19</cachedUntil>

Output Rowset Columns

Name Type Description
itemID int Unique ID for this POS. This is used to request details via the StarbaseDetail API page.
typeID int Type ID. References the invTypes table.
locationID int Solar system ID. References the mapSolarSystems and mapDenormalize tables.
moonID int Celestial object ID. References the mapDenormalize table.
state int Mode of the POS. See Known POS States, below.
stateTimestamp date string Depends on the state. See Known POS States, below.
onlineTimestamp date string When the POS will be online or most recently was put online (see Known POS States, below).
standingOwnerID int ID of the standings holder - corporation or alliance

Known POS States

State Name Notes
0 Unanchored Also unanchoring? Has valid stateTimestamp. Note that moonID is zero for unanchored Towers, but locationID will still yield the solar system ID.
1 Anchored / Offline No time information stored.
2 Onlining Will be online at time = onlineTimestamp.
3 Reinforced Until time = stateTimestamp.
4 Online Continuously since time = onlineTimestamp.
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