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Shows the settings and fuel status of a POS.

Data Caching

This method is cached according to the short cache style (1 hour).

Input Arguments

Name Type Description
KeyID int API key ID (must be director's Corporation key)
vCode char(64) Verification code
itemID int ItemID of the POS as given in the starbase list

Output XML

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<eveapi version="2">
  <currentTime>2010-05-29 20:36:56</currentTime>
    <stateTimestamp>2009-05-02 21:31:36</stateTimestamp>
    <onlineTimestamp>2009-04-18 23:30:29</onlineTimestamp>
      <useStandingsFrom ownerID="154683985" />
      <onStandingDrop standing="990" />
      <onStatusDrop enabled="0" standing="0" />
      <onAggression enabled="0" />
      <onCorporationWar enabled="1" />
    <rowset name="fuel" key="typeID" columns="typeID,quantity">
      <row typeID="16275" quantity="2447" />
      <row typeID="16274" quantity="18758" />
      <row typeID="9848" quantity="166" />
      <row typeID="9832" quantity="332" />
      <row typeID="3689" quantity="332" />
      <row typeID="44" quantity="166" />
      <row typeID="16273" quantity="6142" />
      <row typeID="16272" quantity="5644" />
      <row typeID="3683" quantity="1162" />
  <cachedUntil>2010-05-29 21:36:56</cachedUntil>

Additional Information

  • When the tower goes into reinforced, stateTimestamp is set to the time that it will come out, to prevent the server from processing the POS until then --Garthagk


  • Is it possible to get powergrid/cpu usage for starbases?
    • Unfortunatly it's not possible to get powergrid/cpu usage for POS, they have to be calculated based on fuel usage between stateTimestamps or prestored in your application. --Garthagk
  • Is it possible to get isOnline attribute (or something similiar) to show whether the starbase is online, reinforced or offline? --Laendra 13:26, 31 August 2007 (CDT)
    • There is a 'state' column so we might get that information according to Garthagk--Exi 22:09, 31 August 2007 (CDT)
  • Is it possible to get starbase configuration listed as a subset of each starbase (e.g. itemID, typeID, isOnline for each starbase module)? --Laendra 13:30, 31 August 2007 (CDT)
    • No, POS structures are handled in the DOGMA server code which is not accessible by the API, Garthagk said those are loaded on server startup into memory and assembled to single POS based on their locations --Exi 22:09, 31 August 2007 (CDT)
  • Is it possible to get the moonID, or posID (DOGMA?) rather then, or in addition to the locationID on starbase Structures on the corp/assetList?
    • Check the StarbaseList API. It already gives you the moonID (except for unanchored Towers, where it is zero.) --Ana 2008-Feb-12
  • Yes, this moonID, but then on the assetList so we can see what structures are at what moon, rather then in what system.
    • Check above, that is a pretty clear "no" to me. --Ana
  • So CCP doesn't save a moonID for starbase assets then? Surely there must be a way? Keep in mind im only asking for a moonID (wich is pretty static), no state or anything like that.
    • I am quite sure they save anchored structures with x/y/z coordinates, and then build the POSes from towers and their nearby modules. And there will be a number of reasons why they probably do not want to export the x/y/z coordinates for the structures... for example you could then locate containers anchored at random 14au+ savespots, which right now you have no way to do ingame, and the API really should not expose anything that is not available ingame. Just a guess of cause :) --Ana
  • Is it possible to get a *dataTime* parameter in the output? It is not clear to me the date of the data snapshot for the POS detail. Most likely seems to be the cached-until time minus 6 hours or so.
    • solved by the recent changes to cachetime and the addition of the new data fields --Ana
  • What the hell do the usageFlags and deployFlags fields mean? --Diabeteman
   They store access restrictions to the POS facilities on 2 bits:
       0: 'Starbase Config',
       1: 'Starbase Fuel Tech',
       2: 'Corporation Members',
       3: 'Alliance Members',
       access restrictions to the POS fuel bay are encoded in this 4 bit field.
       example: if usageFlags == 9 == 0b1001   -->   10    01
                                                    view  take
           0b10 == 2 --> 'Corporation Members' can view
           0b01 == 1 --> 'Starbase Fuel Tech' can take
       access restrictions to who is able to operate this POS are encoded in this 8 bit field.
       example: if usageFlags == 68 == 0b01000100  -->   01       00       01      00
                                                       anchor  unanchor  online  offline
           0b01 == 1 --> 'Starbase Fuel Tech' can anchor
           0b00 == 0 --> 'Starbase Config' can unanchor
           0b01 == 1 --> 'Starbase Fuel Tech' can online
           0b00 == 0 --> 'Starbase Config' can offline


Returns API error 209 'Character must be a Director or CEO.' for character in NPC corporation.

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