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Returns the corporation industry jobs.

Data Caching

This method is cached according to the Short Cache Style.

It is updated frequently but if already cached it will return an error instead of the file.

Input Arguments

Name Type Description
userID int userID of account for authentication.
apiKey char(64) Full access API key of account.
characterID int characterID of character whose jobs you want to access. For corp data, the character must have the role 'Factory Manager'.


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<eveapi version="2">
  <currentTime>2008-05-25 20:23:34</currentTime>
    <rowset name="jobs" key="jobID" columns="jobID,assemblyLineID,containerID,
      <row jobID="23264063" assemblyLineID="100518790" containerID="1386493620"
           installedItemID="1002502594" installedItemLocationID="199583646"
           installedItemQuantity="1" installedItemProductivityLevel="12"
           installedItemMaterialLevel="40" installedItemLicensedProductionRunsRemaining="-1"
           outputLocationID="1386493620" installerID="674831735" runs="6"
           licensedProductionRuns="15" installedInSolarSystemID="30005005"
           containerLocationID="30005005" materialMultiplier="1" charMaterialMultiplier="1"
           timeMultiplier="0.65" charTimeMultiplier="1.5" installedItemTypeID="971"
           outputTypeID="971" containerTypeID="28351" installedItemCopy="0" completed="0"
           completedSuccessfully="0" installedItemFlag="121" outputFlag="120" activityID="5"
           completedStatus="0" installTime="2008-05-23 00:38:00"
           beginProductionTime="2008-05-23 00:38:00" endProductionTime="2008-06-08 16:47:00"
           pauseProductionTime="0001-01-01 00:00:00" />
      <row jobID="23174942" assemblyLineID="100185892" containerID="1080588655"
           installedItemID="495277991" installedItemLocationID="199583646"
           installedItemQuantity="1" installedItemProductivityLevel="0"
           installedItemMaterialLevel="40" installedItemLicensedProductionRunsRemaining="-1"
           outputLocationID="1080588655" installerID="674831735" runs="18"
           licensedProductionRuns="0" installedInSolarSystemID="30005005"
           containerLocationID="30005005" materialMultiplier="1" charMaterialMultiplier="1"
           timeMultiplier="0.75" charTimeMultiplier="0.75" installedItemTypeID="979"
           outputTypeID="979" containerTypeID="16216" installedItemCopy="0" completed="0"
           completedSuccessfully="0" installedItemFlag="118" outputFlag="0" activityID="3"
           completedStatus="0" installTime="2008-05-21 00:26:00"
           beginProductionTime="2008-05-21 00:26:00" endProductionTime="2008-06-18 03:26:00"
           pauseProductionTime="2008-05-25 10:04:00" />
      <row jobID="22081247" assemblyLineID="100185897" containerID="1080588655"
           installedItemID="365564655" installedItemLocationID="199583646"
           installedItemQuantity="1" installedItemProductivityLevel="25"
           installedItemMaterialLevel="100" installedItemLicensedProductionRunsRemaining="1500"
           outputLocationID="1080588655" installerID="834605870" runs="1"
           licensedProductionRuns="10" installedInSolarSystemID="30005005"
           containerLocationID="30005005" materialMultiplier="-4" charMaterialMultiplier="1"
           timeMultiplier="-4" charTimeMultiplier="1" installedItemTypeID="2455"
           outputTypeID="2457" containerTypeID="16216" installedItemCopy="1" completed="1"
           completedSuccessfully="0" installedItemFlag="116" outputFlag="4" activityID="8"
           completedStatus="1" installTime="2008-04-27 08:55:00"
           beginProductionTime="2008-04-27 09:54:00" endProductionTime="2008-04-27 10:54:00"
           pauseProductionTime="0001-01-01 00:00:00" />
      <row jobID="14229974" assemblyLineID="105036" containerID="60013150"
           installedItemID="934765261" installedItemLocationID="983232683"
           installedItemQuantity="1" installedItemProductivityLevel="0"
           installedItemMaterialLevel="0" installedItemLicensedProductionRunsRemaining="1"
           outputLocationID="60013150" installerID="834605870" runs="1"
           licensedProductionRuns="0" installedInSolarSystemID="30000190"
           containerLocationID="30000190" materialMultiplier="1" charMaterialMultiplier="1"
           timeMultiplier="1" charTimeMultiplier="0.8" installedItemTypeID="17721"
           outputTypeID="17720" containerTypeID="3865" installedItemCopy="1" completed="1"
           completedSuccessfully="0" installedItemFlag="4" outputFlag="4" activityID="1"
           completedStatus="1" installTime="2007-11-06 05:18:00"
           beginProductionTime="2007-11-06 05:18:00" endProductionTime="2007-11-06 07:58:00"
           pauseProductionTime="0001-01-01 00:00:00" />
  <cachedUntil>2008-05-25 20:38:34</cachedUntil>

Note: the columns value has been split for display purposes. It does not contain line breaks or spaces.

Output Rowset Columns

Name Type Description
jobID int Unique ID for this job. Subject to the same renumbering as journal entries.
assemblyLineID int ID of the assembly line this job is installed in. IDs for lines in stations don't change, but repackaged assembly arrays, repackaged mobile labs, and redeployed Rorquals will get new assemblyLineIDs.
containerID bigint If the container is a station (see containerTypeID, below), this is the stationID in the staStations table. For a POS module, this is its itemID (see also the Corporation Asset List API page).
installedItemID bigint Blueprint itemID. See asset list.
installedItemLocationID int ID for the location from which the blueprint was installed. Office or POS module. See asset list.
installedItemQuantity int Number of blueprints entered (so always 1)
installedItemProductivityLevel int Starting PL of blueprint.
installedItemMaterialLevel int Starting ML of blueprint.
installedItemLicensedProductionRunsRemaining int Starting number of runs remaining. (-1 for a BPO)
outputLocationID bigint Destination hangar for product (built item when manufacturing, BPC when copying or inventing).
installerID int ID of character who started this job.
runs int Number of runs for this job (when making copies, number of BPCs to make).
licensedProductionRuns int Number of runs on output BPCs for copying and inventing.
installedInSolarSystemID int ID for the solar system this job was installed in. See mapSolarSystems table.
containerLocationID int Container of the container. Seems to generally be the solar system ID.
materialMultiplier float Modifier for amount of materials required over standard BPO/C listing, as effected by installation location (i.e. Rapid Assembly Arrays have a modifier of 1.2, resulting in 20% extra material usage)
charMaterialMultiplier float Effect character's skills & implants have
timeMultiplier float Effect of installation - ie, an advanced mobile lab as a timeMultiplier of 0.65 when copying.
charTimeMultiplier float Speed of research/invention/production, as reduced by individual character skills.
installedItemTypeID int TypeID of blueprint. See tables invTypes and invBlueprintTypes|invBlueprintTypes.
outputTypeID int TypeID of product. This refers to what's been built, what's being copied, or what's being invented. See invTypes table.
containerTypeID int TypeID of container, such as station, mobile lab, or assembly array. Again, see invTypes table.
installedItemCopy int 0 if the blueprint is an original, 1 if it is a copy.
completed int 1 if the job has been delivered, 0 if not.
completedSuccessfully int Always 0?
installedItemFlag int See APIv2 Inventory Flags?
outputFlag int See APIv2 Inventory Flags?
activityID int Activity ID of this job. See TL2MaterialsActivity.
completedStatus int See Invention/completedStatus below.
installTime date string When this job was installed.
beginProductionTime date string When this job was started (after waiting in line or rounding to the next minute, for example).
endProductionTime date string When this job will finish or was finished. (Not when it was delivered.)
pauseProductionTime date string Normally "0001-01-01 00:00:00". If the job was installed into a POS module and that module went offline, this is when that module went offline. The S&I window in-game calculates the difference between this and endProductionTime to show time remaining (in red, and not counting down). When the module is back up, this is reset to "0001-01-01 00:00:00" and the endProductionTime is updated to reflect the delay.



  • 0 = failed
  • 1 = delivered
  • 2 = aborted
  • 3 = GM aborted
  • 4 = inflight unanchored
  • 5 = destroyed
  • If it's not ready yet, completed = 0 and completedStatus is irrelevant/uninitialized/probably 0
  • If complete = 1 and status = 0, then it failed


See TL2MaterialsActivity


Returns API error 213 'Character must have Factory Manager role.' for characters in NPC corporations.

It appears that in T3 invention jobs, stuff like "Wrecked Weapon Subroutines" is placed in the installedItemTypeID column (where normally blueprints are located). And are flagged as BPOs with installedItemLicensedProductionRunsRemaining = -1.

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