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Returns the message headers for notifications.

Data Caching

This method is cached according to the Modified Short Cache Style.

  • The first request returns the latest 200 notifications received by the character within the last week.
  • Subsequent requests return only the new items received since the last request.
  • You can request new items every 30 minutes.
  • If you want to reset the timer and get the first-request bulk again, you'll have to wait 6 hours.

Input Arguments

Name Type Description
apiKey char(64) Full access API key of account.
characterID int CharacterID of character for authentication.
userID int userID of account for authentication.

Output XML

<eveapi version="2">
  <currentTime>2010-04-16 20:16:57</currentTime>
    <rowset name="notifications" key="notificationID" columns="notificationID,typeID,senderID,sentDate,read">
      <row notificationID="304084087" typeID="16" senderID="797400947" sentDate="2010-04-12 12:32:00" read="0"/>
      <row notificationID="303795523" typeID="16" senderID="671216635" sentDate="2010-04-09 18:04:00" read="1"/>
  <cachedUntil>2010-04-16 20:46:57</cachedUntil>

Output Rowset Columns

Name Type Description
notificationID int The unique notification ID number.
typeID int The notification type indicates what has happened but not who performed the action in question nor upon whom the action was performed. For a list of type IDs and descriptions, see the appendix below.
senderID int The ID of the entity that sent the notification.
sentDate date string The date the notification was sent.
read int Whether the notification has been read in the EVE client. This does not change when you get it through the API. This is a boolean, values will be 0 or 1.

Notification Types

TypeID Description
1 Legacy
2 Character deleted
3 Give medal to character
4 Alliance maintenance bill
5 Alliance war declared
6 Alliance war surrender
7 Alliance war retracted
8 Alliance war invalidated by Concord
9 Bill issued to a character
10 Bill issued to corporation or alliance
11 Bill not paid because there's not enough ISK available
12 Bill, issued by a character, paid
13 Bill, issued by a corporation or alliance, paid
14 Bounty claimed
15 Clone activated
16 New corp member application
17 Corp application rejected
18 Corp application accepted
19 Corp tax rate changed
20 Corp news report, typically for shareholders
21 Player leaves corp
22 Corp news, new CEO
23 Corp dividend/liquidation, sent to shareholders
24 Corp dividend payout, sent to shareholders
25 Corp vote created
26 Corp CEO votes revoked during voting
27 Corp declares war
28 Corp war has started
29 Corp surrenders war
30 Corp retracts war
31 Corp war invalidated by Concord
32 Container password retrieval
33 Contraband or low standings cause an attack or items being confiscated
34 First ship insurance
35 Ship destroyed, insurance payed
36 Insurance contract invalidated/runs out
37 Sovereignty claim fails (alliance)
38 Sovereignty claim fails (corporation)
39 Sovereignty bill late (alliance)
40 Sovereignty bill late (corporation)
41 Sovereignty claim lost (alliance)
42 Sovereignty claim lost (corporation)
43 Sovereignty claim acquired (alliance)
44 Sovereignty claim acquired (corporation)
45 Alliance anchoring alert
46 Alliance structure turns vulnerable
47 Alliance structure turns invulnerable
48 Sovereignty disruptor anchored
49 Structure won/lost
50 Corp office lease expiration notice
51 Clone contract revoked by station manager
52 Corp member clones moved between stations
53 Clone contract revoked by station manager
54 Insurance contract expired
55 Insurance contract issued
56 Jump clone destroyed
57 Jump clone destroyed
58 Corporation joining factional warfare
59 Corporation leaving factional warfare
60 Corporation kicked from factional warfare on startup because of too low standing to the faction
61 Character kicked from factional warfare on startup because of too low standing to the faction
62 Corporation in factional warfare warned on startup because of too low standing to the faction
63 Character in factional warfare warned on startup because of too low standing to the faction
64 Character loses factional warfare rank
65 Character gains factional warfare rank
66 Agent has moved
67 Mass transaction reversal message
68 Reimbursement message
69 Agent locates a character
70 Research mission becomes available from an agent
71 Agent mission offer expires
72 Agent mission times out
73 Agent offers a storyline mission
74 Tutorial message sent on character creation
75 Tower alert
76 Tower resource alert
77 Station aggression message
78 Station state change message
79 Station conquered message
80 Station aggression message
81 Corporation requests joining factional warfare
82 Corporation requests leaving factional warfare
83 Corporation withdrawing a request to join factional warfare
84 Corporation withdrawing a request to leave factional warfare
85 Corporation liquidation
86 Territorial Claim Unit under attack
87 Sovereignty Blockade Unit under attack
88 Infrastructure Hub under attack
89 Contact add notification
90 Contact edit notification
91 Incursion Completed
92 Corp Kicked
93 Customs office has been attacked
94 Customs office has entered reinforced
95 Customs office has been transferred
96 FW Alliance Warning
97 FW Alliance Kick
98 AllWarCorpJoined Msg
99 Ally Joined Defender
100 Ally Has Joined a War Aggressor
101 Ally Joined War Ally
102 New war system: entity is offering assistance in a war.
103 War Surrender Offer
104 War Surrender Declined
105 FacWar LP Payout Kill
106 FacWar LP Payout Event
107 FacWar LP Disqualified Eventd
108 FacWar LP Disqualified Kill
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