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Returns a list of market orders for your character.

Data Caching

This method is cached according to the Long Cache Style.

Input Arguments

Name Type Description
apiKey char(64) Full access API key of account.
characterID int characterID of character whose orders you want to access.
userID int userID of account for authentication.
orderID long Optional - market order ID to fetch an order that is no longer open.

Output XML

<eveapi version="2">
<currentTime>2008-02-04 13:28:18</currentTime>
<rowset name="orders" key="orderID" columns="orderID,charID,stationID,volEntered,volRemaining,minVolume,orderState,typeID,range,accountKey,duration,escrow,price,bid,issued">
<row orderID="639356913" charID="118406849" stationID="60008494" volEntered="25" volRemaining="18" minVolume="1" orderState="0" typeID="26082" range="32767" accountKey="1000" duration="3" escrow="0.00" price="3398000.00" bid="0" issued="2008-02-03 13:54:11"/>
<row orderID="639477821" charID="118406849" stationID="60004357" volEntered="25" volRemaining="24" minVolume="1" orderState="0" typeID="26082" range="32767" accountKey="1000" duration="3" escrow="0.00" price="3200000.00" bid="0" issued="2008-02-02 16:39:25"/>
<row orderID="639587440" charID="118406849" stationID="60003760" volEntered="25" volRemaining="4" minVolume="1" orderState="0" typeID="26082" range="32767" accountKey="1000" duration="1" escrow="0.00" price="3399999.98" bid="0" issued="2008-02-03 22:35:54"/>
<cachedUntil>2008-02-04 14:28:18</cachedUntil>

Output Rowset Columns

Name Type Description
orderID int Unique order ID for this order. Note that these are not guaranteed to be unique forever, they can recycle. But they are unique for the purpose of one data pull.
charID int ID of the character that physically placed this order.
stationID int ID of the station the order was placed in.
volEntered int Quantity of items required/offered to begin with.
volRemaining int Quantity of items still for sale or still desired.
minVolume int For bids (buy orders), the minimum quantity that must be sold in one sale in order to be accepted by this order.
orderState byte Valid states: 0 = open/active, 1 = closed, 2 = expired (or fulfilled), 3 = cancelled, 4 = pending, 5 = character deleted. Note: As of Incarna 1.0, the API will no longer return orders which have an orderState other than 0. Thus, no non-open orders will be returned.

As of 2011-09-08 MarketOrders.xml.aspx will now return all active orders plus all orders issued in the last 7 days. An optional "orderID" parameter can be provided to fetch any order belonging to your character/corporation.

typeID short ID of the type (references the invTypes table) of the items this order is buying/selling.
range short The range this order is good for. For sell orders, this is always 32767. For buy orders, allowed values are: -1 = station, 0 = solar system, 5/10/20/40 Jumps, 32767 = region.
accountKey short Which division this order is using as its account. Always 1000 for characters, but in the range 1000 to 1006 for corporations.
duration short How many days this order is good for. Expiration is issued + duration in days.
escrow decimal How much ISK is in escrow. Valid for buy orders only (I believe).
price decimal The cost per unit for this order.
bid bool If true, this order is a bid (buy order). Else, sell order.
issued datetime When this order was issued.
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