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Returns the message headers for mail.

Data Caching

This method is cached according to the Long Cache Style.

  • The first request returns the latest 50 mails/200 notifications sent or received by the character within the last 10 days. Older items are skipped.
  • Subsequent requests return only the new items recieved since the last request.
  • You can request new items every 30 minutes.
  • If you want to re-set the timer and get the first-request bulk again, you'll have to wait 6 hours.

Input Arguments

Name Type Description
apiKey char(64) Full access API key of account.
characterID int CharacterID of character for authentication.
userID int userID of account for authentication.

Output XML

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<eveapi version="2">
  <currentTime>2009-12-02 00:46:10</currentTime>
    <rowset name="messages" key="messageID" columns="messageID,senderID,sentDate,title,toCorpOrAllianceID,toCharacterIDs,toListID">
      <row messageID="290285276" senderID="999999999" sentDate="2009-12-01 01:04:00" title="Corp mail" toCorpOrAllianceID="999999999" toCharacterIDs="" toListID="" />
      <row messageID="290285275" senderID="999999999" sentDate="2009-12-01 01:04:00" title="Personal mail" toCorpOrAllianceID="" toCharacterIDs="999999999" toListID="" />
      <row messageID="290285274" senderID="999999999" sentDate="2009-12-01 01:04:00" title="Message to mailing list" toCorpOrAllianceID="" toCharacterIDs="" toListID="999999999" />
  <cachedUntil>2009-12-02 01:16:10</cachedUntil>

Output Rowset Columns

Name Type Description
messageID int The unique message ID number.
senderID int The character ID or Mailing List ID of the message originator.
sentDate date string The date the message was sent.
title string The title of the message
toCorpOrAllianceID string The ID of a corporation/alliance that the message was sent to.
toCharacterIDs string Comma-separated list of character IDs of the characters that received the message.
toListID string Comma-separated list of mailing lists that the mail was sent to. Currently you can only send a mail to one list but that might change so we made this a list instead of a single ID. The IDs of lists the character is subscribed to can be resolved using the [mailinglists API].
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