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Returns the character's contact and watch lists, incl. agents and respective standings set by the character. Also includes that character's corporation and/or alliance contacts.

See the Standings API for standings towards the character from agents and NPC entities.

Data Caching

This method is cached according to the Long Cache Style.

Input Arguments

Name Type Description
apiKey char(64) Full access API key of account.
characterID int characterID from Character List.
userID int userID of account for authentication.

Output XML

<eveapi version="2">
  <currentTime>2010-05-29 22:35:46</currentTime>
    <rowset name="contactList" key="contactID" columns="contactID,contactName,inWatchlist,standing">
      <row contactID="3010913" contactName="Hirento Raikkanen" inWatchlist="False" standing="0" />
      <row contactID="797400947" contactName="CCP Garthagk" inWatchlist="True" standing="10" />
    <rowset name="corporateContactList" key="contactID" columns="contactID,contactName,standing">
      <row contactID="797400947" contactName="CCP Garthagk" standing="-10" />
    <rowset name="allianceContactList" key="contactID" columns="contactID,contactName,standing">
      <row contactID="797400947" contactName="CCP Garthagk" standing="5" />
  <cachedUntil>2010-05-29 22:50:46</cachedUntil>

Output Rowset Columns

Name Type Description
contactID int The characterID/corporationID of the character/agent/corp in your contact list
contactName string The name of the contact. For deleted entities this field is empty.
inWatchlist bool Whether the contact is in your watchlist
standing int The standings you set for this contact.


  • Tyrannis API Improvements Devblog [1]
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