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Returns a list of certificates in eve.

Data Caching

This method is cached according to the Modified Short Cache Style?.

Input Arguments

None, this function accepts no arguments.

Output XML

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<eveapi version="2">
  <currentTime>2008-11-13 20:21:45</currentTime>
      <rowset name="categories" key="categoryID" columns="categoryID,categoryName">
        <row categoryID="3" categoryName="Core">
          <rowset name="classes" key="classID" columns="classID,className">
            <row classID="2" className="Core Fitting">
              <rowset name="certificates" key="certificateID" columns="certificateID,grade,corporationID,description">
                <row certificateID="5" grade="1" corporationID="1000125" description="This certificate represents a basic level of competence in fitting ships. It certifies that the holder is able to use baseline modules which improve power and CPU capabilities such as Co-Processors, Power Diagnostic Systems and Reactor Control Units. This is the first step towards broadening your fitting options.">
                  <rowset name="requiredSkills" key="typeID" columns="typeID,skillLevel">
                    <row typeID="3413" level="3"/>
                    <row typeID="3424" level="2"/>
                    <row typeID="3426" level="3"/>
                    <row typeID="3432" level="1"/>
                  <rowset name="requiredCertificates" key="certificateID" columns="certificateID,grade"/>
                 <row certificateID="6" grade="2" corporationID="1000125" description="This certificate represents a standard level of competence in fitting ships. It certifies that the holder is able to use Micro Auxiliary Power Cores and many Tech 2 fitting modules. The holder knows that MAPCs are the best way to increase power output on Frigate-class ships. This provides you with a broad range of fitting options">
                   <rowset name="requiredSkills" key="typeID" columns="typeID,skillLevel">
                     <row typeID="3318" level="4"/>
                     <row typeID="3413" level="5"/>
                     <row typeID="3418" level="4"/>
                     <row typeID="3426" level="5"/>
                     <row typeID="3432" level="4"/>
                   <rowset name="requiredCertificates" key="certificateID" columns="certificateID,grade">
                     <row certificateID="5" grade="1"/>
                 <row certificateID="292" grade="5" corporationID="1000125" description="This certificate represents an elite level of competence in advanced trade skills. It certifies that the holder is able to work the market with minimal friction and massage the best deals out of any situation. With this level of skill you can run financial rings around smaller players without ever troubling your gargantuan bank balance.">
                   <rowset name="requiredSkills" key="typeID" columns="typeID,skillLevel">
                     <row typeID="18580" level="5"/>
                     <row typeID="16594" level="5"/>
                     <row typeID="16597" level="5"/>
                     <row typeID="16595" level="5"/>
                   <rowset name="requiredCertificates" key="certificateID" columns="certificateID,grade">
                     <row certificateID="291" grade="1"/>
  <cachedUntil>2008-11-13 21:21:45</cachedUntil>

Output Rowset Columns

categories rowset

Name Type Description
categoryID int ID number of the category.
categoryName string Name of the category.

classes rowset

Name Type Description
classID int ID of the class.
className string Name of the class.

certificates rowset

Name Type Description
certificateID int ID of the certificate.
grade int Grade of the certificate.
corporationID int ID of the issuing corporation.
description string Short description of what the certificate means.

requiredSkills rowset

Name Type Description
typeID int ID of the skill.
skillLevel int Require level of skill.

requiredCertificates rowset

Name Type Description
certificateID int ID of prerequisite certificate.
grade int Require grade of prerequisite certificate. (currently always "1" - see note below)


Notice that currently the <cachedUntil> is misplace in API.

Also, the "requiredCertificates" rowset always has the "grade" set to 1, regardless of whether the certificate pointed to by "certificateID" has a different grade. Until this is fixed, you should always refer back to the master certificate to determine the grade of any required certificates.

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