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Returns the mask and groupings for calls under the new Customizable API Keys authentication method.

Data Caching

This method is cached according to the Modified Short Cache Style.

Input Arguments

None, this function accepts no arguments.

Output XML

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<eveapi version="2">
  <currentTime>2012-02-23 03:51:40</currentTime>
    <rowset name="callGroups" key="groupID" columns="groupID,name,description">
      <row groupID="1" name="Account and Market" description="Market Orders, account balance and journal history." />
      <row groupID="7" name="Communications" description="Private communications such as contact lists, Eve Mail and Notifications." />
      <row groupID="5" name="Corporation Members" description="Member information for Corporations." />
      <row groupID="6" name="Outposts and Starbases" description="Outpost and Starbase information for Corporations" />
      <row groupID="3" name="Private Information" description="Personal information about the owner. Asset lists, skill training for characters, Private Calendar and more." />
      <row groupID="4" name="Public Information" description="Achievements such as Medals, Kill Mails, Factional Warfare Statistics and NPC Standings." />
      <row groupID="2" name="Science and Industry" description="Datacore production and job listing." />
    <rowset name="calls" key="accessMask,type" columns="accessMask,type,name,groupID,description">
      <row accessMask="134217728" type="Character" name="Locations" groupID="3" description="Allows the fetching of coordinate and name data for items owned by the character." />
      <row accessMask="67108864" type="Character" name="Contracts" groupID="3" description="List of all Contracts the character is involved in." />
      <row accessMask="33554432" type="Character" name="AccountStatus" groupID="3" description="EVE player account status." />
      <row accessMask="16777216" type="Character" name="CharacterInfo" groupID="3" description="Sensitive Character Information, exposes account balance and last known location on top of the other Character Information call." />
      <row accessMask="8388608" type="Character" name="CharacterInfo" groupID="4" description="Character information, exposes skill points and current ship information on top of'Show Info'information." />
      <row accessMask="4194304" type="Character" name="WalletTransactions" groupID="1" description="Market transaction journal of character." />
      <row accessMask="2097152" type="Character" name="WalletJournal" groupID="1" description="Wallet journal of character." />
      <row accessMask="1048576" type="Character" name="UpcomingCalendarEvents" groupID="3" description="Upcoming events on characters calendar." />
      <row accessMask="524288" type="Character" name="Standings" groupID="4" description="NPC Standings towards the character." />
      <row accessMask="262144" type="Character" name="SkillQueue" groupID="3" description="Entire skill queue of character." />
      <row accessMask="131072" type="Character" name="SkillInTraining" groupID="3" description="Skill currently in training on the character. Subset of entire Skill Queue." />
      <row accessMask="65536" type="Character" name="Research" groupID="2" description="List of all Research agents working for the character and the progress of the research." />
      <row accessMask="32768" type="Character" name="NotificationTexts" groupID="7" description="Actual body of notifications sent to the character. Requires Notification access to function." />
      <row accessMask="16384" type="Character" name="Notifications" groupID="7" description="List of recent notifications sent to the character." />
      <row accessMask="8192" type="Character" name="Medals" groupID="4" description="Medals awarded to the character." />
      <row accessMask="4096" type="Character" name="MarketOrders" groupID="1" description="List of all Market Orders the character has made." />
      <row accessMask="2048" type="Character" name="MailMessages" groupID="7" description="List of all messages in the characters EVE Mail Inbox." />
      <row accessMask="1024" type="Character" name="MailingLists" groupID="7" description="List of all Mailing Lists the character subscribes to." />
      <row accessMask="512" type="Character" name="MailBodies" groupID="7" description="EVE Mail bodies. Requires MailMessages as well to function." />
      <row accessMask="256" type="Character" name="KillLog" groupID="4" description="Characters kill log." />
      <row accessMask="128" type="Character" name="IndustryJobs" groupID="2" description="Character jobs, completed and active." />
      <row accessMask="64" type="Character" name="FacWarStats" groupID="4" description="Characters Factional Warfare Statistics." />
      <row accessMask="32" type="Character" name="ContactNotifications" groupID="7" description="Most recent contact notifications for the character." />
      <row accessMask="16" type="Character" name="ContactList" groupID="7" description="List of character contacts and relationship levels." />
      <row accessMask="8" type="Character" name="CharacterSheet" groupID="3" description="Character Sheet information. Contains basic'Show Info'information along with clones, account balance, implants, attributes, skills, certificates and corporation roles." />
      <row accessMask="4" type="Character" name="CalendarEventAttendees" groupID="3" description="Event attendee responses. Requires UpcomingCalendarEvents to function." />
      <row accessMask="2" type="Character" name="AssetList" groupID="3" description="Entire asset list of character." />
      <row accessMask="1" type="Character" name="AccountBalance" groupID="1" description="Current balance of characters wallet." />
      <row accessMask="33554432" type="Corporation" name="MemberTrackingExtended" groupID="5" description="Extensive Member information. Time of last logoff, last known location and ship." />
      <row accessMask="16777216" type="Corporation" name="Locations" groupID="3" description="Allows the fetching of coordinate and name data for items owned by the corporation." />
      <row accessMask="8388608" type="Corporation" name="Contracts" groupID="3" description="List of recent Contracts the corporation is involved in." />
      <row accessMask="4194304" type="Corporation" name="Titles" groupID="5" description="Titles of corporation and the roles they grant." />
      <row accessMask="2097152" type="Corporation" name="WalletTransactions" groupID="1" description="Market transactions of all corporate accounts." />
      <row accessMask="1048576" type="Corporation" name="WalletJournal" groupID="1" description="Wallet journal for all corporate accounts." />
      <row accessMask="524288" type="Corporation" name="StarbaseList" groupID="6" description="List of all corporate starbases." />
      <row accessMask="262144" type="Corporation" name="Standings" groupID="4" description="NPC Standings towards corporation." />
      <row accessMask="131072" type="Corporation" name="StarbaseDetail" groupID="6" description="List of all settings of corporate starbases." />
      <row accessMask="65536" type="Corporation" name="Shareholders" groupID="1" description="Shareholders of the corporation." />
      <row accessMask="32768" type="Corporation" name="OutpostServiceDetail" groupID="6" description="List of all service settings of corporate outposts." />
      <row accessMask="16384" type="Corporation" name="OutpostList" groupID="6" description="List of all outposts controlled by the corporation." />
      <row accessMask="8192" type="Corporation" name="Medals" groupID="4" description="List of all medals created by the corporation." />
      <row accessMask="4096" type="Corporation" name="MarketOrders" groupID="1" description="List of all corporate market orders." />
      <row accessMask="2048" type="Corporation" name="MemberTrackingLimited" groupID="5" description="Limited Member information." />
      <row accessMask="1024" type="Corporation" name="MemberSecurityLog" groupID="5" description="Member role and title change log." />
      <row accessMask="512" type="Corporation" name="MemberSecurity" groupID="5" description="Member roles and titles." />
      <row accessMask="256" type="Corporation" name="KillLog" groupID="4" description="Corporation kill log." />
      <row accessMask="128" type="Corporation" name="IndustryJobs" groupID="2" description="Corporation jobs, completed and active." />
      <row accessMask="64" type="Corporation" name="FacWarStats" groupID="4" description="Corporations Factional Warfare Statistics." />
      <row accessMask="32" type="Corporation" name="ContainerLog" groupID="3" description="Corporate secure container access log." />
      <row accessMask="16" type="Corporation" name="ContactList" groupID="7" description="Corporate contact list and relationships." />
      <row accessMask="8" type="Corporation" name="CorporationSheet" groupID="3" description="Exposes basic 'Show Info' information as well as Member Limit and basic division and wallet info." />
      <row accessMask="4" type="Corporation" name="MemberMedals" groupID="5" description="List of medals awarded to corporation members." />
      <row accessMask="2" type="Corporation" name="AssetList" groupID="3" description="List of all corporation assets." />
      <row accessMask="1" type="Corporation" name="AccountBalance" groupID="1" description="Current balance of all corporation accounts." />
  <cachedUntil>2012-02-23 03:51:40</cachedUntil>


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