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From Patch notes for Empyrean Age 1.1, released 02 September 2008

  1. All clone types will now display in the EVE API with correct skillpoints associated with each clone grade.
  2. Multiple changes have been made which allows the EVE API to display the character who owns a Corporation, character who is a director, various role combinations for each role list in Corporation roles at HQ and Corporation roles at base and a list of various Title combinations.
  3. 3 new pages EVE API pages have been added to the Corporation folder. Member Security displays a list of all members within a given corporation, their roles (titles NOT included) and their titles. Titles displays a list of all titles that exist for a given Corporation. Member Security Log displays a list of role changes. Each change includes IDs and Names of the characters involved, location type of the roles, old roles and new roles. You must be a CEO or director to access this information.
  4. Added a small API section to the My Character page which includes a link to the API key.
  5. A new API page has been added which displays a container log for a Corporation. This new page will list and display the date, time, item, type, character, location and action taken. The list will also show the last one week of entries.
  6. A new API page has been added to show Character, Corporation and Alliance standings.
  7. Added a Corporation Shareholders field within the API. This will allow shareholder information to be exported by a CEO or director. The list will display two lists for character shareholders and corporation shareholders.
  8. The Factional Warfare stats page has had the "Victory Points last week" and "Victory Points Total" added to the exported API xml file.
  9. EVE API: CharacterID.xml.aspx will not accept characters with periods or dots in their name.
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