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Game Mechanics
About EVEDev
API Libraries
Dead/Stalled API Building Blocks
API Snippets/Examples/Proxies
  • EDK - Eve Development Killboard
  • EMMA - Eve Market Monitoring App
  • EVE Asset Manager
  • Eve Industry - Your Only Webbased Isk Printing Profit Tool.
  • EVE Market Scanner - Regional comparison of exported marketlogs
  • EveNexus - Track your journals, transactions and profits.
  • Eve Trader - Free easy-to-use Eve-Online market analysis and monitoring tool.
  • Eve-MEEP
  • EveMap - Google Maps style API for New Eden
  • EVEMon - Eve character monitor for Windows
  • GtkEveMon - Eve character monitor for Linux
  • EVEViewer - Pilot info, Skill Queue, wallet journal, market orders, wallet transactions and more viewer
  • Influence Map
  • jEveAssets - Assets Manager
  • EVE Corporation Management - Management and decision-making helper application
  • EVEMod Tools - WEB version of EVEMon + Loot counter, reprocess counter, assets manager, corporation management (Bills, tax management, pos fuel monitor...)

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