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Please add your own, or add someone else's. Please, keep an alphabetical order.

  • Aurora - Web Based Fitting Assistant powered by EOS (PYFA's fitting engine)
  • Cargo Calculator - (online/ingame) Calculator for cargo volumes (Note: Trinity changes not yet included)
  • CeoCom - Windows Mobile Application get Character information on the run
  • Eradiani's Mineral & Fleet Payout Calculator The ONLY mining fleet calculator and payout tool left in the eve universe. No spreadsheet garbage, no website or linux bs. Just plug in numbers names and away you go easy as one two 3
  • EVE Commander - Access all your character information offline - transactions, assets, market orders and skills.
  • EVEEYE - Agent vs Standing
  • EveHQ - Swiss-army-knife for Eve, includes a ship fitting tool, Skill planner and monitor, asset viewer and new character planner.
  • EVE Launcher - Tool for managing multiple EVE instances
  • - In-game account creation for: E-Mail & XMPP/Jabber-based IM with shared contact groups and an API-enabled IM bot.
  • Eve-MEEP - Tool for industrialists
  • EVE Mentat - Desktop based tool for traders: tracking, concurency control, cross-regional trade analysis, e.t.c.
  • EVEMon - Skill Training Monitor, Planner, etc
  • EVEMover - Tool for managing multiple windowed EVE instances on multiple monitors
  • EVE Planetary Planner - Tool for planning Planetary Interaction
  • Eve Tools - Market (trade finder, price check and other), industrial and PI tools
  • Eve-Pricer - OOG pricing tool, gathers price data from the Eve universe, will calculate total "contract" price of selected items FIXED LINK TO NEW SITE
  • EVE Shopping List - is a web app that helps you keep track of stuff you want to buy from the market and make it easy to share your shopping lists with corp mates for those cases you are unable to buy them yourself. Very useful for WH corps.
  • Eve Trader - Free easy-to-use Eve-Online market analysis and monitoring tool.
  • EveTrak - Web based skill tracker and skill planner, support for multiple accounts and characters.
  • EVEViewer - Out of the game Windows tool that allows to view characters account balance, Skill Queue, Wallet Journal, Market Orders, Marker Transactions and more.
  • EVEWalletAware - Offline Wallet journal and transaction manager
  • EveXplorer - Explore the Eve-Online Universe from your desktop.
  • GtkEveMon - Skill Training Monitor, Planner, etc, but for Linux and GTK+ enabled systems
  • jEveAssets - Out-of-game asset manager for Eve-Online, writen in Java
  • Python Fitting Assistant (PYFA) - Fully compatible open source, cross-platform alternative to EFT
  • TETRR - EVE BPO Calc - is a online BPO / BPC Calculator including T1,T2,T3 and Caps
  • TETRR - Mining Fleet Logger - is simple tool to share the ISK of a mining-op
  • TETRR - Pos-Mail-Tool - Post your POS - Fuel - Mail and get a overview what and how many to buy
  • TETRR - EVE PI-Viewer - a simple PI-Viewer
  • TETRR - WormholeSystem-Viewer - is a list of all Wormholes and Wormholesystems with userful informations
  • SkillBot - IRC bot for skill training notifications/status updates


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